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A kiss on the hand can be quite continental. But Diamonds are a girls best friend. For those of us on a living in the real world with budgets to stick to and bills to pay it turns out that Cubic Zirconia is a far more purse-friendly best friend. But does that mean we have to sacrifice the sparkle for the splurge? Not with Diamonfire, whose range of stunning products is inspired by the real thing, cut like diamonds, set like diamonds and with all the glittering beauty of, you guessed it, DIAMONDS! These are the perfect alternative to the traditional stone and feature classic designs alongside edgy modern pieces such as the flower-cluster collection
Whilst I'm a huge fan of jewellery (just call me the magpie) I often struggle to find showstopper pieces that don't just come off looking like costume jewellery. Everything I've come across so far has been just a little bit well...naff really. The key with Diamonfire jewellery is the quality of the items, huge amounts of care and attention to detail have gone into creating wearable, eye-catching pieces which add the perfect elegant touch to evening wear or the touch of sparkle needed to glam up a day to day outfit

The 10 characters collection is also a unique and creative take on modern jewellery branding, the distinct tastes and notions of beauty held by individuals has inspired Diamfire to create the 10 Character Lines which form the brand. These include:
Fancy Colours
Royal Colours
These top 10 Diamonfire Characters are designed to appeal to a range of different personalities with distinctive, creative designs. Whilst, regardless of their character, all pieces of Diamonfire jewellery are beautifully crafted and thoughtfully designed promising that these wonderful pieces will provide incomparable brilliance
I was lucky enough to be sent five pieces from Diamonfire, which I have been featuring on my Instagram over the last couple of weeks as well as wearing day to day. Never have I worn a collection of jewellery that has been so commented upon than the Diamonfire collection. These pieces of jewellery elicited such a positive response from friends, family and even strangers that I absolutely felt like a million dollars when I was wearing one of them. Three times various waitresses have stopped to covet my cluster flower ring when I'm paying for coffee. Twice I've been stopped by strangers on a night out to ask where my stunning ------ necklace is from. I've handed out more links to this website than any other I've worked with over the past few years and I've even pointed my male friends in the direction of Diamonfire for their better halves sake this Christmas because you just cannot tell they're not real diamonds!  
With 57 facets precisely hand-cut, just like a real brilliant-cut diamond, the Diamonfire-Zirconia stone barely differs from its natural equivalent. Just as with real diamonds, the Diamonfire-Zirconia is measured in carats and electronically certified according to the criteria ‘Cut’, ‘Clarity’ and ‘Proportion’. Only those stones scoring a triple ‘excellent’ are incorporated into our collection.
Thanks to a unique 3-layer plating consisting of rhodium, palladium and platinum, the Diamonfire pieces feature an almost life-long tarnish protection, maintaining the sparkle of your jewellery for many many years.

So if you're looking to treat yourself, your partner, you mum, your nan, your best friend - whoever! Then pop along to Diamonfire and have a browse. Every piece comes in it's own jet black, ribboned gift box and with an individual certificate making the recipient feel  like a million dollars even though you didn't have to spend quite that much

This post features gifted items. Please see my Disclaimer for further details


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