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Behind the scenes on my latest Fashion Shoot

Here is the video from behind the scenes at my latest fashion shoot. This was my second "attempt" at modelling, to be perfectly honest I'm much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it but working with such a great team of creative individuals meant I enjoyed the shoot immensely which I think shows in the video

Having spent much of the year researching the development of my blog into a Millydaydreams Youtube Channel, I wanted to kick off with something original and engaging which also reflected the good-humour and honesty which has become the trademark of my work. In recent weeks I've been practicing my Vlogger technique in a series of Snapchat videos documenting the daily goings on in the life of a blogger. Pushing myself beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone is something many creative people struggle with but mustering that tiny bit of courage and vision often produces the most incredible results. Placing myself in front of not one but two cameras had me beside myself with nerves in the run up to the shoot but on the day I had a fantastic time watching something which had for so long been just a vision in my head turn into reality

Often in life we are presented with the glossy social-media overview of what in reality took hard-work and effort. Equally the creative process is just as important as the finished outcome, something which we sadly miss out on in the pursuit of perfection. Working with the immensely talented audio visual producer ThisMadHope allowed me to learn a great deal about the visual aspect of blogging and Youtube transition as he captured every magical and not-so-magical moment, like when I'm forced to wrestle with my own tangled hair at once point and wriggle into leather trousers in the corner of a busy arcade in another. It's not all glam and glitter but it's all important, we become so detached from the human beings who live thier lives on our computer screens that I wanted to show people the real work that goes into producing the fabulous glossy stills that I post on my Instagram and Twitter

I hope you enjoy the video and any subsequent videos I choose to air on my channel. The moving image is new to me but I love embracing challenges, researching new ways to interact, working outside of my comfort zone and helping people to expand their own potential

My unreserved gratitude to every single person who follows, likes, shares or comments and most of all to the amazing support team involved in making my daydreams a reality

Photos from the shoot will be coming soon!

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