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October Beauty Favourites

October is almost over, it's been a very odd month weather-wise which has played havoc with my skin, hair and general fashion choices. My staple chic cosy jumper and boots combination that works so well in front of the mirror at 9am usually has me looking like a piece of boiled ham by mid-afternoon. 21 degrees in October? Seriously? 

I have, however discovered some fabulous beauty treats this month which I'm going to share with you. Anything that makes my life easier and that could possibly, maybe, hopefully make everyone elses lives a little better too is good news indeed in my book


Bodyshop Vitamin C Skin Reviver

The other day I was giving someone some make-up advice regarding foundation application and when I asked them which primer they used they stared blankly at me and stated in plain English that they applied said foundation directly on to their bare naked face. Sans primer. Now, on this occasion I did not take them by the shoulders and shake them like a rat screaming "Why god why why why WHY" into their face (as I would've liked to) Instead I took a deep breath and calmly explained that the application of a primer is vital to provide both a protective nourishing layer for the skin but also a lovely smooth and even base for foundation application. So, which primer would Milly recommend then if she's so bloody smart then? Well my friends, The Bodyship Vitamin C Skin Reviver is my current favourite and its a bit of a bargain at £16 so no excuses

The zingy formula contains tiny light-reflecting particles which provide a pretty lovely brightening effect whilst it's smoothing formula primes the skin perfectly, allowing for the smooth application of foundation on top, blotches be gone! This stuff will allow you to apply your make-up evenly and flawlessly and will keep it in place for you all day long and it works just as well on a bare face as it hydrates, moisturises and evens out your skin-tone.

This one does contain Silica though which I know can be a total No-No for some people so be warned! There are also tons of other products in the Vitamin C range which I'm excited to try out next time I pop into The Bodyshop

NipandFab Dragons Blood

I'll admit that I have massively bought into the hype surrounding Nip and Fab. The packing is fabulous, the ingredients even more so, Venom viper? Dragons Blood? Sign me up now. However these products are far from just a gimmick, they're definitely here to stay in my skin care regime especially during winter where the weather, the central heating and the pumpkin spices lattes can play havoc with a girls complexion. There's something for all skin types in this range too. Whilst the Dragons Blood hydrates, Bee Sting lifts, Viper Venom tackles wrinkles and the Glycolic range fights breakouts

VII Oxygen Eye-masks

I get so little undisturbed sleep these days that it's a wonder I can see over the bags under my eyes at all, suitcases more like! So when VII contacted me and asked whether I'd like to try out thier oxygen eye-masks I jumped at the chance. Simply pop the sticky little pads of goodness under your eyes before bed to ensure a good 8 hour application. Granted they feel a little odd at first but considering I woke up after just one night of using the masks looking about 10 years younger I think I can get over that one! 

Seriously these things are incredible, not only did my under eye area look brighter but it also felt better too. My eyes feel so much more open and much less fatigued after a night of using these cooling gel pads which strengthen and heal the skin using plant oxygen extracts. I would personally recommend these to anyone but I think my fellow knackered mummy's and workaholic bloggers would really benefit from a little bit of under-eye TLC

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer

Anyone else obsessed with watching beauty tutorials on Youtube? Everyone? Oh good. I heard about this concealer from the beautiful Holly Boon, seriously check out her tutorials - the woman is a goddess and this stuff is a miracle product without the miracle price-tag. I've been struggling to find a concealer that doesn't immediately wrinkle under my eyes and make me look about 93 years old for some time now and this one is the best yet. It's also great for cream contouring as it's got a nice thick consistency if you expose it to the air for a few minutes prior to application. I used to swear by MAC pro longwear concealer but now I've discovered this stuff I'm a dedicated convert and whats more, I have an extra £11.50 in my pocket whenever it's time to replenish supplies 

It also happens to work even better after a night using my one of my Oxygen eye masks - Instant Eye-Lift without the scary knives and probable facial paralysis

Rose Jam Shower Gel 

This time of year everyone is going nuts over The Comforter or Snow Fairy and whilst I recognise the merits of the latter, The Comforter reminds me of those vile blackcurrant menthol drinks which you consume when snotty and congested, not for me. Rose Jam is much more Milly. Despite not being a fully signed up member of the Turkish Delight fan club, the rose flavouring certainly does have its place outside of the continental chocolate selection. For instance Rose Lemonade, or more to the point Rose Lemonade and Gin. It certainly has its place in my shower and bathtub too where it's nourishing Argan Oil leaves my skin silky smooth ad smelling gorgeous

Which beauty products have you been loving this October? Are there any that you've come across this month which you now can't live without? If so, do tell because I am prone to beauty-product FOMO (Fear of missing out)

This post contains complimentary products. Please refer to my Disclaimer for more details


  1. The Rose Jam looks amazing <3


  2. I need to get me some of those eye masks! I constantly have big bags under my eyes, no matter how much or how little sleep I get, and I've tried everything to get rid of them!


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