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I am definitely not ready to start thinking about Christmas. I don't have a gift list, I haven't bought any mad Christmas jumpers and my Mulled wine stock is... well...  zero. LUSH however have brought Christmas (and winter in general) to life with their recent bloggers event. I still can't believe how nervous I used to be about attending events, these days I can't get there quick enough to natter with my fellow blogger babes about upcoming projects and collaborations. This time was no difference, except there was also cake! Amazing winter themed cakes from Plymouth based company Mrs Browns Bakery, seriously how amazing are they? 

After admiring the beautiful cakes and taking a completely unnecessary amount of photos of them it was time to kick of with the team games. Both teams were given "Build your own" mouldable soap kits; Santa and Snowman and asked to create one of each. For some reason our team built two Snowmen instead of one, opting for the "Quantity over Quality" approach, it's no surprise that we lost!

Next up came one of my favourite pieces of the night The Magic of Christmas Bubblebar. As a big fan of both cinnamon and glitter I quickly fell in love with this magical wand of dreams and it's little red bow and jaunty silver bell (anti-rust for longevity) Adam also kindly demonstrated the bars effect in his virtual bubblebath display allowing us all to witness its crimson-christmas colour and warming cinnamon scent

After that came the super-cute Star-Dust bath bomb, inspired by Disney's Frozen film. As a huge fan of Frozen (blame my daughter) I was super excited about this vanilla scented star filled with edible stars. Something which excited me less however, was the Yog Nog Bath Bomb, there was just something about it's sickly toffee-scent that made me feel a bit queasy - probably a good one for those of you with a sweet tooth though. Matters were swiftly redeemed with the introduction of the adorable Peeping Santa Bath Bomb, almost too cute to use. Almost. But his strawberry and bergamot scent might just twist your arm into chucking poor Santa bathwards

Moving into the Shower section of the store we were introduced to the minty fresh Salt and Peppermint Bark shower scrub and the incredible Christdingle body conditioner to take the peppermint scent to the max. I was lucky enough to find a pot of Christdingle in my Blogger goody bag so stand by for a dedicated blog post in the next few weeks. Shower jelly is a relatively new thing to me, one which the inner child in me loves - pass the ice cream? My inner child was also pretty chuffed with the cute sequin stars glistening within the Santas Belly shower jelly as it jiggled merrily in my hand, it's apple scent drifting up towards me

Soap then made it's dramatic appearance of the night with the new low Reindeer Rock taking pride of place. The bar itself has been redesigned to resemble a Scandinavian cave painting and packs a berrytastic menthol kick - much like that of the Comforter. Those of use that prefer a lemon kick (The comforter to me stinks of blackcurrent cold and flu drinks - Eiw!) will love the Baked Alaska  soap, shaped like a giant globe! 

Remember earlier when I slated the Yog Nog Bathbomb as being a vomit inducing sickly sweet-tooth concoction? Well it turns out that the soap version is a muted and therefore much more favourable option for those seeking a little bit of fudgey-nutmeg goodness. I've had a bar in my bathroom for the past week and have actually really enjoyed it's vanilla custard scent on my hands

It was at this point of the event that I was forced to make a hasty exit due to a family meal - Mum and Dad were celebrating 30 years of marriage (collective "Awwwwws" all round) for information regarding the face masks, gift-boxes and make-up please follow the links via Lush Plymouth to one of my fellow bloggers fabulous posts

Also there will be a separate upcoming post about the Halloween collection so stay tuned


  1. It all looks sooooo Amazing!
    I wouldn't mind the Magic of Christmas bubble bar, I love the smell of cinnamon.
    Lovely post Babe :) Bring on Christmas
    x tink jayne x


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