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Interior style on a Budget

Moving into your own place is a great feeling. Regardless of whether you're renting or buying, having your own space to put your own personal stamp down is a the epitome of "Hey look at me! I'm a grown up!" But often the financial trials and tribulation of getting to that position leave limited funds for homewares. Ironic isn't it? Finally you have space to fill but not the bank balance to match. Having moved out from under my parents roof almost 10 years ago I've picked up some pretty thrifty ways of transforming blank spaces into chic and cosy quarters for prices you wouldn't believe  


Filling the house with plants is something which I've always done. Keeping said plants alive and kicking however has proved a little more tricky over the years. While I was busily rushing out to uni/work/the pub my poor little plants had a tendency to wither and die as a result of my erratic fortnightly hydration sprees. Lets face it, we all lead busy lives so to save you the hassle and cost of replacing your houseplants I would suggest purchasing low-maintenance Cacti, Ivy and Grasses

Similarly, rather than forking out on one of those pre-made displays from the Garden Centre for £30 a pop you can create your own for a third of the price. I picked up these grasses and succulents from my local nursery for £1.99 each and potted them up in a bowl I found in the Next sale. After spreading some fish tank gravel on top the effect is pretty striking and if Milly-The-Plant-Killer can do it then I have faith that you too can enjoy a botanical display of your own with minimal effort and cost

Sticky-Back Plastic

I know those three words sound wayyyyy too Blue-Peter to actually work in a grown-up home but bear with me. Sticky-Back Plastic is my new most favourite thing ever. I picked up a 2 meter sheet of Marble effect adhesive film from B&Q last week and transformed the boring glass top of a chest of drawers in my office into a marble masterpiece with minimal effort (Hint: Use a rolling pin for smooth application) It also makes an easy and striking background for photos, simply apply the plastic to a large sheet of cardboard and you've got yourself a portable background for blog photos and eye-catching Instagram shots

Prints and Posters

Filling up blank wall spaces is a another tricky one. Obviously having tons of photos around instantly personalises a space, there isn't a room in my house free of candid moments and precious memories but when it comes to art things once again can get a bit pricey. I've got around this by thinking outside of the box in terms of what I use to fill the frames I pick up at local art and craft stores for under a fiver. Wrapping paper for example can look lovely in a frame, especially sheets of the handmade stuff,  it's worth paying that little bit more for the fancy stuff as framing any old stuff just doesn't work. 

Black and white prints of quotes can often be purchased and downloaded for pennies meaning you can print and frame them in the comfort of your own home. Even Postcards can look beautiful when framed effectively and provide a cute keepsake of a day out, such as the ones I picked up in Salcombe for a couple of  pounds following a particularly memorable day out there in sunny July

I hope these tips help, let me know if you get your green-fingers or craft skills out to have a go at any of them, everyone loves a DIY project!


  1. So stealing the sticky back plastic idea ha x

  2. I love succulent idea. It looks so beautiful on the table. Thanks for this great idea. :)

  3. I love succulent idea. It looks so beautiful on the table. Thanks for this great idea. :)

  4. Awesome suggestions! <3

  5. These are all such brilliant ideas! I particularly love the idea of the portable photo background, I need to get some sticky back plastic asap!

    Sarah xx
    Sarah's Chapter

  6. I've never thought about the sticky plastic thing! Deffo getting some next time I'm there! Thanks!

  7. Such great ideas, I've been meaning to get some marble as a background blog photos for a while now so thank you ever so much for this tip!!

    Toni x

  8. These are all good ideas! I love houseplants! so pretty!



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