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How to be a savvy sale shopper

Remember when everyone used to get all excited about "The January Sales?" These days it seems like every single week every single shop has a permanent fucking jumble-sale corner dedicated to the seasonal outcasts and fashion atrocities of the world. "New-Season Sale," "Mid-Season Sale," "End of Season Sale" - We get it we're idiots stuck on the consumer conveyor belt and the word "Sale" makes us feel like we're savvy shoppers when in reality we're just frantically cramming mustard-coloured shawls and beige polyester leggings into our basket because they have a red label on. Here are my tips for ACTUALLY being a savvy sale shopper and getting the most out of your pennies

Think ahead

I know its 4 degrees outside but if you've got an April holiday planned then you need to get your head in the game, now is the perfect time to snap up all the sale bikinis ready for your week in the sun. Just don't go too mad on the mince pies this Christmas. If you've spotted a gorgeous coat in the sale but you already shelled out for one last week then buy it anyway, store it somewhere safe and it'll be ready for next year - like a little surprise present to yourself when the time comes to retrieve it. Your future self will thank your present self for saving them the time, effort and expense of buying yet another coat next year. One word of warning however; some trends stick around, others we don't see again for decades so think "classic" when using this approach

Get Creative

If you're handy with a needle and thread most shops will give you a further discount on top of sale items if they're damaged. A missing button is fine, a ripped seam is a piece of piss but don't bite of more than you can chew. Bald patches of embellishment are a warning sign that the rest will follow and broken zips are a fucking nightmare. Don't even bother. Getting crafty is great, just make sure what you're buying is actually fixable or you just wasted more money on bin fodder

Picture your wardrobe

Don't just blindly start grabbing anything and everything because it has a reduction label on it. You'll get home, unpack your bags and realise that you can't wear any of it as you have nothing to match and not one bit of it matches another. At this point you'll then you'll start trying to cadge together an outfit out of sheer panic and end up looking like a bag lady. Or you'll end up hanging it all in the wardrobe unworn for several years before handing it over to the charity shop. How many of you have sale "bargains" lurking in your wardrobes with the labels still on right now as you read this? 

Do not panic

Think clearly about your purchases. I know that that fluorescent pink jumpsuit is only five quid but are you reallllllllly going to wear it during the bitterly cold summer months? Or at all? Are you fucking crazy? £5 spent on an item you'll never wear isn't a bargain its a waste of money. Do not get caught up in the sale hype, there is usually a reason why some items are in still in the sale bin 5 months later. Because they're vile and whoever designed them should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves/fired

Happy Bargain Hunting

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