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Lush Summer Blogger Event

Welcome to September! I'm hoping you had a lovely bank holiday weekend?

I was lucky enough to spend my Friday evening with my beautiful fellow Plymouth Bloggers at the LUSH Summer Blogger Event. LUSH always throw the BEST Blogger Events, lots to do, lots to see and we always leave laden down with goodies - what could be better?

Exciting new products

I know LUSH can be a bit daunting. The smells wafting from the door, the colours jumping out at you - not to mention the fact that its usually PACKED but trust me, be brave and jump in. The LUSH staff are some of the most friendly, welcoming and knowledgable retail professionals I have ever come across and that's something which has applied to every LUSH branch I've ever visited. So don't be scared, you'll thank me later. Now, back to the event

The event focused on the new Summer collection which included numerous new arrivals from the LUSH flagship store on Oxford Street. I've been beadily watching the new additions popping up all over Instagram over the summer and praying that the made an appearance at the Plymouth store in the near future. My prayers have been answered! 

Try me!

First up, after nibbles and fizz, were the hand and foot products. I'm a BIG fan of hand and foot pampering as I spend far too much time running about with no shoes on RUINING my feet. Ironically I'm actually sitting here typing up this article with my poor battered tootsies soaking in a bowl of "Foot Soak and Fancy Free" foot soak so I can hopefully account for its magical properties by the end of this post. Along with "T-for-Toes" foot powder, a deodorizing and GLITTERY concoction and  the rejuvenating "Pumice-Power" we also took a look at the "Volcano" foot mask - just to make sure our feet were feeling EXTRA pampered.

Next up was hands! The beautiful Shula (fun-fashion-and-things Blog) volunteered for a spot of hand pampering with "Salted Coconut scrub" and "Love and Light Hand Cream". I feel like these are definitely products that I'll be popping back in to collect as my hands do tend to suffer due to constantly being submerged in bath water, dish water, laundry water, sea water - really its a wonder they haven't dropped off entirely yet

Shop Floor

We then tried what I can only describe as the best moisturiser I have ever used. I have combination skin meaning that my T-Zone gets oily whilst other areas remain as dry as the Sahara Desert. "Magical Moringa" has worked wonder for my skin in just a few short days, I've even been wearing it under my foundation as it provides a beautiful matte effect whilst hydrating all day long - and as we all know that the secret to anti-aging is hydration I'm fairly confident that this stuff is going to make me look 23 when I'm 45. Honestly this stuff has to be tried to be believed 

We then talked a lot about the new hot oil treatments; Damaged, Kinky and Tangled. I was lucky enough to receive the Tangled treatment in my blogger goodie bag - I assume LUSH staff had noted the messiness of my hair that night and felt action needed to be taken? I had gone a bit heavy on the backcombing on that occasion to be fair. Anywhooooo I tried out my Tangled treatment the following night and was indeed rewarded with luscious tangle-free locks! So anyone struggling with the tresses right now needs to get down to LUSH and pick one of these up - as they are currently sold out online as I type this

Chilling with the Facemasks

Next up was Face-masks, I've tried pretty much ALL the LUSH face-masks as I am a face-mask junkie. "Cup O Coffee" is a perfect for coffee addicts, it smells good enough to eat (please try and refrain from spreading it on toast) the ground coffee beans it contains provide a natural exfoliatant. "Don't Look at Me" was obviously going to be a winner from the start for me - it's BRIGHT BLUE! It's also ultra-cleansing as it contains lemon juice and grapefruit oil which is great for problem skin (Hallelujah) but not so good if you're sensitive AKA you WILL get a rash

Millydaydreams on Instagram

Bath bombs then made a dramatic appearance to proceedings. I am a bath fanatic and I always have a cupboard full of bath bombs, melts and fizzers at the ready after a long hard day in the life of Millydaydreams. The Newest additions included "Intergalactic", inspired by the Guardians of the Galaxy film. This one creates a galaxy of neon colours in your bath tub, filling it with a peppermint scent, you can almost feel Chris Pratt there in the bath with you... mmmm... Chris Pratt....

Intergalactic Bath Bomb

Moving swiftly on... next up was "Yoga" which is basically like a big ball of tranquility for your mind and body after a day of infinite stress with a woody, frankincense-like aroma. Personally I prefer the neon-glitter madness but each to their own. Speaking of neon-glitter madness "The Experimenter" is absolutely nuts! This bomb literally turns your bathwater into a rainbow before you very eyes -  no wonder it sold out in 30 seconds on release day! You'll want to have your camera ready when this one starts to fizz, this is the bomb made for Instagram #Lushtime

Stocking up on freebies

Overall I had a fantastic time at the LUSH Blogger event. The staff were as enthusiastic and knowledgeable as they always are, guiding us bloggers through the twists and turns of the new and exciting collections. I was also pleased to see lots of new blogger faces join the team. I'm really feeling the love from the blogging community recently having helped a lot of fellow bloggers start up with advice and Q&A sessions (feel free to get in contact). This month I'll also be branching into food blogging, turning a passion into a career once again! Blogging really is the best job in the world

The Plymouth Bloggers

Ps... My feet are silky smooth and  pampered to the max!

This post features gifted products. Please refer to my Disclaimer for further information

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