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September Favourites

I'm hoping everyone is enjoying their Septembers so far? September is my Birthday month, I'll be hitting the big TWO-FOUR on the 22nd so that's pretty exciting. In fact, September all round is a pretty exciting month as my fiance and I will be hosting our Engagement party on the 25th and even more excitingly Sunday the 27th of September will mark the 1 year countdown to our Wedding. As with every month this year, we are racing through September at a rate of knots so I thought I would share with you three of the products I've been loving lately

James Read Express Mask Tan

First up is the James Read Express Tan Mask. Fake tan is pretty much the absolute BANE of my life. An endless cycle of scrubbing it off and reapplying. Why not just be pale, I hear you ask? Well my friends I tried that and it's just not for me, I cannot pull off that look. I feel like body-wise I have a good, reliable set of products which I use to achieve the desired glow/Orange-tinge when I'm not being diligent enough during application. Last year, you'll recall me blogging about the Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster which I still love by the way (Click to read) But this year it's all been about James Read Express Tan Mask. Why? Predominantly due to the word EXPRESS. This stuff tans your face to beautiful golden glow in just 30 minutes and for someone who barely has time to finish a latte this is good news indeed

All you need to do is apply a thin layer of the mask to your face and/or neck and put your feet up with a fresh cup of tea/glass of wine depending on how hard your day has been. I apply mine using a thick powder brush for a nice even application. Simply wash it off after 30 minutes and your sunkisssed golden glow should develop after a further 60 minutes. 30 minutes is more than enough time for the tan to develop, do not under any circumstances fall asleep for 8 hours in said mask. From my own experience I can report that such an error will result in a facial tan of a similar depth and hue of that of Dale Wintons ballbag. Not my best look

It's pretty pricey for 50mls but if you hunt around you can find better deals. I picked up my bottle in TK Maxx Westfields for £12 - Bargain Alert! I would definitely say that this product is going to be a winter essential. I don't do sunbeds (frankly I don't know why anyone does sunbeds) so, as with wine, I'll be getting my glow from a bottle

Bando 17 Month Agenda

 Millydaydreams via Instagram
Millydaydreams via Instagram

Next up is my spangly new planner/agenda/diary-type-thing. I've been after one of these for over a year but they've only recently been stocked in the UK. I ordered mine online from Selfridges and waited patiently by the front door for 4 days until it arrived

This agenda is the agenda to end all agendas. It spans 17 months which is fantastic and means I won't forget important dates like my anniversary, my wedding day and the Balmain x H&M release date - I'm not sure which one is more exciting? But back to the Agenda.. Ok so its £25... for... a... diary....
this thing has stickers, pockets, and inspirational notes. It's colourful like a rainbow and instantly makes me feel like I have sh*t together when I'm scribbling down appointments and important dates.
It's like the grown up diary I need but with all the fun quirky kids stuff I love and it always receives tonnes of compliments when it's whipped out in meetings and at events 

"It's the sleek, functional and stylish choice and an agenda designed with the modern, busy woman in mind "

They also come in 3 different designs and make great presents so if you're stuck for a birthday idea or if you're one of those super-annoyingly organised people who plans for Christmas in September then this is definitely an essential purchase. Personally I prefer to do my Christmas shopping 2 days prior to the event in a state of bemused agitation but that's just me  

(Image Via

The Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

These palettes are somewhat of a sticking point in the beauty community, with a clear divide in those who love and loathe the product. Personally, I am a fully fledged member of the Urban Decay appreciation society (The 24/7 eye pencil has a glide like no other) so I was first in line to get my hands on the new palette. Frankly my Naked 2 Palette was on its last legs, due for retirement

I think the majority of disdain for the Naked Palettes is triggered by their mass appeal. MUAs don't want to champion a product that anyone can purchase and use every Saturday night to easily create their own beautiful make-up looks rather than booking in at their local counter to pay to have thier make-up done. But the truth is that these palettes are very easy to use, even for beginners. They come with an easy step-by-step guide and a large mirror. The pigments are good and the brushes make blending a doddle. I've heard people complaining about the brushes but personally I've always loved them and frequently use my Naked Palette brush even with Non-UD products (Shock, Horror!) 

Despite the name "Smoky" the palette also contains an equal amount of warm and cool shades ranging from "High" a glitterfest of antique gold (1st Swatch), perfect for highlighting the inner corners of the eye. To the sultry "Smolder" a deep purple (7th Swatch) which easily creates a dramatic evening look when applied to the outer lid, blended into a killer flick of liquid liner

Personally I've always found the Naked Palettes to be a great investment in terms of product range, packaging and application. If you want to get a little bit more creative with your eyes during the coming winter period then I would definitely recommend investing in the Smoky Palette. Let out your inner sultry siren by mastering the smokey-eye look and save yourself a few quid not having to visit the make-up counters. (Which lets face it, are pure HELL on a Saturday after 3pm)

Which products have you been loving this September?

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  1. I've been loving my theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer, my Pippa's Palette and I have a face mask which is basically mud from the Dead Sea (can't remember the actual brand name...) which does wonders for my skin! x


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