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Rock Salt Cafe and Brasserie - The Best Brunch in Plymouth

I'm sure many of you have heard me talk about Rock Salt Brasserie before, usually when recommending dinner options but today I'm going to talk about why you should be stopping by my favorite eatery for brunch too

Heading out for brunch is such an underrated treat but it's something I insist upon doing at least once a month. It is relatively easy to get caught up in the busy hustle of every day life thus failing to take time to simply sit and relax with good food and the Sunday papers. Rock Salt provides the perfect welcoming and relaxed atmosphere to do just that

It's no surprise that Rock Salt recently received the Taste of the West Gold Award but that doesn't mean a hefty price tag when it comes to their quality dishes as they were also listed in the Sunday Times "Cheap Eats" category last year. The Cafe and Brasserie itself is instantly welcoming, the September sunshine was streaming in through the windows on our most recent visit, illuminating the beautiful drift wood and beach themed interior. Every table sported a vase of pretty flowers and their signature seashells full of salt with a mussel shell to aid sprinkling. The recently renovated top floor provided the perfect open setting for 10 of us to enjoy a post-engagement party brunch and frothy cappuccinos and freshly squeezed orange juice were soon doing the rounds from friendly and attentive waitresses 

I am a creature of habit and rarely stray outside of my usual brunch order of the delectable Avocado Toast. A crisp ciabatta loaf smothered in creamy avocado and dotted with shards of the thinnest crispy bacon but on this occasion I instead opted for the Sausage, eggs and beans - it had been a heavy night and I felt the need for something more robust. I wasn't disappointed. You see with Rock Salt what you see isn't necessarily what you get, this wasn't just any old bog-standard sausage, egg and beans but crispy chorizo sausage nestled amongst chunks of herbed bread and baked egg all sitting atop Rock Salts signature spiced beans. I was in heaven and so were my brunch companions

Being so great in number I was also able to view (and nick mouthfuls of) a great variety of dishes that morning including the famous All Day and Vegetarian Breakfasts. A meat fest of sausage, bacon and black pudding alongside sauteed potatoes and the again famed, Rock Salt Beans. Whilst Falafel and spinach took center stage in the vegetarian counterpart. Every variety of Eggs was also sampled, Eggs Florentine, Blacktone, Royale and of course Benendict to be precise, before dessert was served

Dessert? At Brunch? Just bear with me here as I explain why Dessert features. If you go to Rock Salt for Brunch and fail to sample the american pancakes with maple syrup and praline then you are doing the entire notion of a brunch a great disservice. These are without doubt the best pancakes I have ever eaten. The pancakes alone would draw me to brunch at Rock Salt were I not so greedy as to sample a a savoury option first. Half an inch thick, soaked in sweet syrup and sprinkled with crispy honeycomb like praline these pancakes have to be sampled to be believed. Indeed I often wake at night dreaming of them thus prompting another Sunday brunch booking

Booking is something which I would definitely recommend, whatever the time as Rock Salts popularity has rocketed over the past few years since it opened. I was lucky enough to be one of the first through its doors in those early weeks where it was dicey as to whether the place would sink or swim in a less than central location amid a jeopardous financial climate. Luckily for me and for everyone lucky enough to sample its delights, Rock Salt is thriving and its recently opened sister restaurant, Salumi is next on my list to visit

So take some time out this weekend to catch up with friends over brunch at Rock Salt for a warm glow that will stay with you all week

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  1. What a beautiful cafe! Would absolutely love to go here! You'll have to show me around plymouth the next time I'm in the UK ;)

    xo, mikéla /


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