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I bet she ain't shit without MakeUp

I've seen this quote floating about in cyberspace and it made me think. "I bet she ain't shit without MakeUp" roughly translates as "That popular girl wears MakeUp but I bet her self-confidence is based solely around her appearance, the removal of said cosmetics would therefore render her mundane" Or something less wordy...

Well guess what? It turns out very few people are lucky enough to look better "sans slap," even celebrities and top models suffer the scrutiny of "not being shit without make-up" (and probably airbrushing). Celebrities not looking quite as good without MakeUp on is the reason why magazines run approximately 7000 articles a week based around celebrities being papped with bare faces. AND WE BUY IT! And then we go "Urghhh look at Reese Witherspoon on the school run, that bitch ain't shit without MakeUp" and then we re-apply our lipstick for the 7th time that day and skip off to judge other women someplace else

But the reality is that women don't have to wear MakeUp 24 hours a day seven days a week. Some women don't even have to wear it at all. Numerous situations simply don't warrant the effort of painting on a face, even for those who do enjoy it. I don't wear MakeUp to drop my daughter to nursery because what the fuck is the point? When foundation is £35 a bottle why waste it on two year olds? I don't wear MakeUp to work out because I sweat profusely and clogging your pores with Estée Lauder  whilst sweating is skin suicide. Just because I enjoy the several hours I spend prior to a night out contouring, highlighting and generally beautifying doesn't mean I don't enjoy the ease of rocking a bare face the next day. Sometimes I'll even venture to the supermarket with a bare face to stock up on wine and chocolate fresh fruit and sparkling water. But that doesn't halt my concern that my bare face will be judged by every single person I encounter. Why is that? Oh yes, Societies aesthetic conventions

Its a fact of life that there are very few people that aren't aesthetically improved with the addition of MakeUp, what foundation (no pun intended) would the multi billion pound MakeUp industry be built upon otherwise? Imagine if we all woke up tomorrow and society's stringent aesthetic conventions had shifted to a MakeUp-free precedent? The CEO of Mac would just lob himself off a bridge, right? But that is the world we live in. All we can do about it is not be bloody horrible bitches to each other

As it stands women simply need to stick to their guns. If you love MakeUp you go ahead and love MakeUp, paint your face and be proud. If you're lucky enough not to need MakeUp and therefore don't share societies obsession with it then you go ahead and keep quiet about girls who like MakeUp. None of this "shaming." No name calling, no leaving nasty comments on peoples Youtube MakeUp tutorials. Just hand over your skin care secrets and keep the negativity to dull murmur. Maybe just write about it in your journal
Some people ENJOY wearing MakeUp, they even enjoy applying MakeUp. They enjoy researching MakeUp and learning new techniques and buying make-up and cleaning their 68 brushes whilst watching Youtube MakeUp tutorials. Speaking of Youtube MakeUp Tutorials, this is perhaps why the latest figures show that half the female population use them to perfect their slap. Personally, I LOVE watching MakeUp tutorials. These girls (and guys) are true artists in their absolute talent for perfection and even better... they want to share their secrets with the world! They are doing a nice thing, why are people abusing them?

Tell me that's not ART? @Amrezy

I don't care if you wear eyeliner to lift weights. I don't care if you wear false lashes to ALDI. I don't care if you favour a structured brow. I don't care if you don't own a single brow product full stop. I don't care if you wear your bare face everyday and only crack out the mascara at Christmas time. Its what's on the inside that counts and I don't mean all that lovely-dovey mushy stuff about inner beauty. I mean whether you're a twat or not. So the next time you see that godawful quote "I bet she ain't shit without MakeUp" or feel like #Slutshaming someones face, remember that it is not MakeUp that Maketh the Woman. It's whats on the inside that counts and no amount of make-up cant disguise a bum personality


  1. Love this post Milly. I just wish the whole woman shaming thing would do one. Lauren x

  2. Fab post Milly. Who ever says "bet she aint shit without make-up" needs to realise that making nasty comments says much more about the people SAYING the comments, rather than the girl with make up on her face. Make-up is fashion, people don't get bullied for wearing clothes and doing their hair do they?

    Made In The 1990's.

  3. Love, love, love this post!

  4. Love love love this post! It's crazy girls are bitching about make up when there are women in this world who don't get an education. X

  5. Happy Birthday! I love watching those makeup tutorials on YouTube, and have noticed how popular they are. Makeup can look so beautiful. I love winged eyeliner, pretty eyeshadow, false eyelashes and mascara and beautiful perfectly applied lipsticks. The idiocy of #slutshaming sexist trolls can be staggering.

  6. LOVE this post...



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