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"Money did buy these" The Boob Job Diaries - Part 3

This is the third and final installment in my boob job diary series. I've had so much positive feedback from my posts documenting my journey through breast augmentation and I just want to take a second to thank every single person who has emailed, commented or even approached me in person to give their thanks and sneak a sly peek at the new additions. So how do I feel 3 months on? Relieved is the predominant emotion I'm experiencing, clothes fit properly, I feel comfortable wearing bikinis and it's an added bonus that my soon to be husband loves them. Although he would still fancy me if I could tie the saggy former occupants of my chest in a bow behind my back, he's cringe like that

As an added bonus I can now make the birds wing flap! #PartyTrick

The biggest "Thank god I did this" moment was when I recently went to try on wedding dresses. Being able to properly fill out the tops of all those beautiful dresses was an amazing feeling and I know I wouldn't have enjoyed myself as much had I not had it done. I would have been massively self conscious about my former breasts, something which I know would have detracted from the excitement and happiness of the incredible moment where I stepped out in front of the mirror and for the first time saw my dream dress

I do have one final check up to attend with my surgeon at the end of this month but as you can see from the above pictures my scars have now completely healed, although it will take some years for them to fade to a less noticeable white shade and having been professionally measured I am now a happy 34 DD cup, which is a lovely size in proportion with my body shape and height. Unless of course I fancy hoisting them up to my chin in a fancy bra for date night, taking several peoples eyes out on our way to the restaurant, also fun

Hoisted to the max

Three months on from my op I am also now able to comfortably wear under-wired bras, although I frequently don't bother with them at all. It's been absolute bliss letting the twins hang (or rather stand to attention) bra-less when the weather has been sweltering - zero boob sweat for Milly. The only downside to all this freedom is that since the surgery I've experienced almost constant nipple erection, something which greatly amuses my fiance as he asks me if I'm "smuggling peanuts" for the seventh time that day. It gets funnier each time... not!

On a more serious note though the decision to honestly document my journey for those considering surgery wasn't an easy one. The name itself "Money did buy these" was born out of a situation with some cyber bullies who targeted me with nasty pictures and comments on Instagram. These people chose to post nasty personal attacks and comments regarding my physical appearance. One such comment was #moneydidn'tbuythese in reference to their own chests, clearly aimed at mocking my decision to undergo augmentation. Whilst attacks on my physical appearance tend to just go over my head, I was more more concerned about being sliced and diced rather than what a few bored, sad individuals had time to dedicate time to obsessing about and trolling. However I did recognise that any surgical procedure is a hugely personal decision and one that not all women would be strong enough to defend when faced with the criticism of others

Mocking a woman's decision to improve their physical appearance using surgery is a rather regressive move. After hundreds of years of oppression have women not earned the right to make decisions about their own bodies without fearing the judgement of others? I thought so. I also  felt like anyone interested in considering such measures definitely deserved to know what they were letting themselves in for when they parted with their hard earned cash. So I took the plunge, turned on my laptop and flipped one of those negative comments into the title of my series "Money DID buy these - The Boob Job Diaries" because after all the best way to stand up to bullies is to turn their negativity to your advantage and I have CERTAINLY done that! 

I was certainly outside of my comfort zone writing this series!

Since the original post in April I've had literally thousands of views on both the posts themselves and my blog in general - Last week I was astounded and immensely proud to smash through the 70,000 views mark. Overall I have been completely overwhelmed by the amount of love and international interest my posts have received. I don't in any way advocate changing yourself to please others but I also don't advocate shying away from well thought out and researched decisions about your body because you fear the negative response of others either. At the end of the day I have made a personal decision which has improved my life for the better and then decided stick my neck on the line to share it with others so they can get a clearer idea of what it entails. Money DID buy these. And they are fabulous 

You can catch up with the previous part of "Money did buy these" The Boob Job Diaries here:


  1. You go girl - they look awesome!! @)


  2. Fascinating piece. I think you look amazing, and more power to you. Doesn't sound as if you're letting the trolls get to you anyway but seriously, who are they to tell you what to do with your body? It's pure jealousy. You look gorgeous but more importantly you did it for you, so it doesn't matter what anyone else's opinion is.

    Sarah |

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