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Bondi Sands - The best thing since sliced bread?

Recently I've been receiving a lot of messages regarding fake tan recommendations. Emails, tweets, texts, directs, telegrams, carrier pigeons... you get the gist. I guess I'm not the only pasty individual suffering under this cruel joke of British summertime. I do have vague hopes of a foreign getaway later this year, a bit of winter sun perhaps? But with my wedding looming next year I can barely afford to keep myself in lattes let alone air miles

One fake tan brand that keeps popping up all over my Instagram feed is Bondi Sands, an Australian brand which has been taking the beauty world by storm. Following several fruitless searches at my local Superdrug branches I manged to get my hands a bottle of dark instant, no sign of the gradual or facial tan in my local stores yet, worst luck

I would also like to thank Bondi Sands for  featuring two of my images on thier Instagram Account

So was it worth the hype? Well in a word, Yes. I'm a bit of a fake tan connoisseur, from graduals to facials to sprays to mousses to gels to mists I have pretty much tried them all and none of them have quite remedied that tell-tale fake tan aroma or tendency towards an orange hue. Bondi Sands, however has achieved a light coconut aroma, I smelled like a fancy candle. Most importantly the final colour itself was far more natural looking, i.e less "tangerine" than any others I've tried. In fact this is the first fake tan I've used which actually achieves what could be described as a "tanned" effect, which could be mistaken as the result of a foreign jaunt. Out and about several people asked me whether I had "been away" which made a nice change from the usual "Have you got a skin condition" following the ill-fated trails of less successful products 

I am a total fake tan addict mostly because I'm not actually a big sun worshipper, I'm not going to start banging on about how dangerous the sun is or how sunbeds are a blight on our generation (it is and they are) however if you would like to achieve a nice melanoma-free colour this summer from a reliable and natural looking fake tan then I would definitely recommend Bondi Sands. Especially since selected products in the range now have 1/3 off at Superdrug until the end of June

Have you tried Bondi Sands? What did you think?

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  1. I do enjoy a good Milly post!
    And now you have made me want to add this to my collection of fake tan in the fridge.


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