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Splashes of Colour - Summer Bedroom Decor

Summer is here and I have been relatively reclusive during my surgical recovery which has meant many hours poring over Interior Design magazines and websites. Our bedroom has a grey and white colour scheme with splashes of pink and gold, which I've been building upon to create a light and airy space whilst maintaining a feeling of intimacy. I used the photograph below for inspiration:

We previously hung fairy lights along the back of the bed, however as our daughter now likes to use said bed as a climbing frame they were relocated to a safer height. I also strung some of them through the wicker heart to create a beautiful centerpiece when lit. I haven't decided what I'd like to adorn the frames on the shelf yet so they are filled with advertisements cut out of Vogue magazine for the time being. Perhaps some gold foil prints of favorite quotes? I'm also thinking some hand and footprints from my daughter in another of the frames when I can face the mess and chaos that will cause

Bed Frame: Argos (Inherited) <In-Joke>
Bedding: IKEA
Sleep Mask: H&M
Flower Cushion: Primark
Cream Cushions: Dunelm Mill
Antique Perfume Dispenser: Etsy
Plant Pot: IKEA
Alexander McQueen Biography: Waterstones
Shelf and Brackets: Homebase
Diffuser: Next:
Wicker Heart: Dunelm Mill
Tortoise Trinket Bowl: Urban Outfitters
Watch: Danielle Wellington

As you have probably gathered, I am one of those scatter-cushion hoarding girls - In my defense I am an absolute book worm and spent a large proportion of my free time, nestled in the middle of them clutching some obscure poetry book. We are on the lookout for a little sofa for our bedroom so  I can hole myself up on that for my readathons and stop keeping my partner awake till the small hours. As we are finally making progress with our house projects I am hoping to get a few more interior design inspired posts up on the blog in the coming months


  1. Love this! I always like to know where other people get their home comforts from. BEAUTIFUL.

  2. I love the colours of you wall, could I have the name of it please. :)


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