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Summer Cocktail Recipes

When I was 21 I worked for a brief spell in a bar, making cocktails. I think that job was actually one of my favourite ever jobs, not just for the all the free drinks I was bought and the frankly generous wage packet but also because everyone who worked there was a friend, even the owner was a friend. Not only did this make for some epic lock-ins and staff parties but also provided a sense of teamwork which I’ve not found in other jobs. There was no owner vs. staff divide - the bar team was a family and we all pulled our weight and gave 100% to make it the success it still is today
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Aside from helping me learn how to brush off drunken rowdy rugby lads and deal with mouthy students, I also picked up some pretty handy mixology skills. Here are some recipes which I’ve perfected over the last few weeks just in time for summer. You don’t need to be an expert to  make them, you don’t need any specialist equipment. You don’t even need any of the pretentious glasses but IKEA have some bloody good deals
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Get stocked up on ice and if you don’t have a shaker then get one because it makes you look, like you know what you’re doing. Otherwise just stir your concoctions with a straw and think about how much cooler you would have looked with a shaker, you cheapskate
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Strawberry Sundae
This one tastes soooo good and is easy to drink, a little too easy...

50ml Rum
100ml Strawberry Puree
(Fresh blended Strawberries work best)
250ml Lemonade
Shake well with Ice and garnish with a Watermelon Slice

Aloe Vera Sour
Aloe Vera is a surprisingly refreshing taste, even without the alcohol this stuff is an essential for summer - trust me TRY IT

200ml Grace Aloe Drink
(I cannot stress how amazing this stuff is and it comes in different flavours!) Click to buy
50ml Lemon Juice
100ml Vodka/Gin
Shake well, pour over ice and garnish with Lemon and Lime slices

Iced Caramel Latte
This one packs a punch, it's strong and full of sugar and caffeine. Coffee lovers will adore this one, everyone else will hate it

25ml Irish Cream
25ml Whisky
25ml Vodka
50ml Single Cream
25ml Coffee Essence
10ml Caramel Syrup
Shake well with Ice and garnish with a sprinkling of Cocoa Powder

You can also buy fancy straws here 


Please remember to drink responsibly. If you’re usually a WKD sort of person then don’t go necking 7 of these and waking up naked in someones herbaceous border

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  1. The strawberry sundae looks amazing!!! I love drinking cocktails in the summer, they're always so refreshing! Rebecca | Rebecca Marie: UK Lifestyle Blog xxx


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