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April Favourites

Hello April

Finally it feels like spring, the sun is out, flowers are blooming and  I've even had to shave and apply fake tan in a careful and considered manner instead of just sloshing it on like I'm varnishing a table. I thought I'd share some of my April favorites with you from eyebrow saviors that won't get washed away in an April shower to beach reads that will change your life


Benefit "Gimme Brow"

So we're all well aware of the ongoing issue of my brows. I'm follicley-challenged. However I recently discovered this nifty little product at a Benefit Bloggers event and I must say it's dramatically improved matters. I won't be posing next to Cara Delevingne any time soon but boy do my brows look thicker with absolutely minimal effort so if you're in a similar situation get down to your nearest Benefit and snap this little miracle pot up


Having avoided the highstreet like the plague for the last few months (honestly the dregs of AW14 Collections were just DIRE) I've recently been dipping my toe back into the water with brands like my trusty Miss Selfridge. Their cute crop tops are perfect and equally perfectly priced resulting in a bit of a stockpile situation in my dressing room... Oops!

Miss Selfridge Crop (Size 6 pictured)
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I'm also loving the more fringe brands such a Showpo, Maddison Fantasy and Silk Fred. I ordered this stunning silk cape and was not disappointed when it arrived! Perfect for dressing up a jeans and heels combo or draping over a cute summer dress. I'll definitely be ordered more from them ASAP

Silk Cape (One Size)
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Pretty Honest

If you buy one beauty book this year let it be this one. It arrived on my doorstep on a sunny day last week and I had plans to read the odd snippet here and there between my 500 other daily tasks. Alas those tasks went undone as I got well and truly hooked by this masterpiece and demolished the whole thing during one of my daughters more successful naps. 

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"All too often, women with an interest in thier appearance are assumed to be stupid, shallow or unintelligent. Even traitors to feminism. But I see good grooming and feminism as entirely complimentary. For some, beauty is a matter of pride and self-respect. I believe its
perfectly normal to love both lipstick and literature."

- Sali Hughes

As an ardent feminist and beauty addict that sentiment had my heart all of  a flutter and I was hooked by page 2 but if those powerful words don't stir you enough then this little beauty bible also has tips on everything from wrestling free samples off of snotty counter staff to what sort of make-up you should wear to an interview, a date and a wedding - even how to do your make up in a moving train. Sali Hughes just became my new hero #GirlPower 

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