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What to do when you've been cheated on

So you've found out that Mr Perfect is actually Mr cant-keep-it-in-his-pants-dickhead. You're suddenly single with a whole lot of emotions to contend with; anger, disbelief, grief, anger, embarrassment, anger, anger, anger and anger. So what should you do? Well you obviously aren't going to get back together with him are you? Nope. Because you are worth more than that (Please repeat that to yourself daily) Follow these steps and if they don't help then shoot me a detailed passive-aggressive email because that will probably make you feel better too

Step 1
Delete everything. Every photo, video, number, email address, EVERYTHING. Do you really trust yourself not to be crying over photos of the good times? Wipe the tears off those rose-tinted glasses and delete the information or you will be the one drunk-dialing this douche at 3am when you're at your lowest. Don't give him this satisfaction

Step 2
Cleanse your environment. Give all his stuff back straight away. Do you really want to drag this out? Do you really want him turning up on your doorstep 3 months later, probably crying, on the premis of collecting his Rudimental CD? No. Get all his junk out

Step 3  
Cleanse yourself. Get tested. So he told you it was just the one girl? The one time? That they used protection? Nope. Doesn't wash and if he has given you something nasty then that's not going to wash out either. Get tested, look after yourself and your health first of all

Step 4
Release the anger. Don't bottle that stuff up, you are rightfully entitled to be irate remember. Rant and rave to someone, write it all down or if that's not your scene then book some kickboxing classes. Either way you need to get that poison out of your system if you are going to move in an onwards and generally upwards direction

Step 5 
Cry. It's also important to properly mourn the loss of that relationship so put on an Adele album and sob into one of his old T-shirts (which you'll be binning/returning afterwards - see Step 2) Let it all out and then pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Don't cry about it all the time though because it's not socially acceptable to breakdown in Nandos causing the waiting staff to query whether you had abused the XXX Sauce

Step 6
Make yourself a priority. It's healthy to have some time to yourself before jumping back into the dating game again. There are plenty of equally unscrupulous character waiting to take advantage of a lonely heartbroken girl, which could land you in even more trouble. Take some time out to make yourself happy before you take another chance on someone else doing that for you

Step 7
Plot murder. If you've done all of these steps and you are still furious then plot his murder.Write it down, plan it meticulously. Draw some little diagrams of him getting graphically murdered by hired goons. The process might make you feel a little better, although I'm not suggesting you actually do hire any goons

Step 8
Beauty Therapy. Have a makeover. Don't do anything mental. I shaved half my head after a break up. DON'T DO IT. But a little facial or nail treatment will prove surprisingly therapeutic. It's nice to have some small part of yourself together when it feels like everything else is falling apart

Step 9 
Retail Therapy. Buy yourself something fabulous so that the next time you go out and see him skulking around the club trying to feign innocence you can let him know exactly what he's thrown away. Just like there's nothing worse than bumping into an ex when you look hideous, there's nothing more satisfying than bumping into one when you're looking bang tidy.

Step 10 
Self Improvement. Get a new hobby. That thing you've wanted to learn to do for ages? Do that. You'll have so much extra free time to do things now you aren't keeping Mr Two-timing Bastard amused before he pops off to some slags house for a fumble. Learn a language, play a sport, pick an instrument -anything is a better use of your time then entertaining that waste of oxygen. 

I know I've written this from a female perspective. A very close friend of mine was just cheated on and I wanted to write something which would help her, since posting pictures of peoples questionable genitalia on the internet is now illegal. These steps can obviously be applied to the male perspective too though and if you boys want to get a facial and cry over Adele then you go ahead 


  1. Completely agree with deleting everything and putting yourself as number one! Great tips for anyone who is going through this :) Rebecca | xx

    1. So glad you liked the post! It was written for a friend who has been using it as her handbook since the breakup :)


  2. Good advice, remember your worth girls, from mama Bartlett

    1. Definitely! Big love to Mama Bartlett <3


  3. I agree with this fully, my ex cheated on me and it was awful! These are great tips :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

    1. So glad you liked the post. We have to remember that cheating is reflection of their weak character and not ours 💌




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