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Oh F**k Moments

Sometimes in life you just have a one of those moments that elicits the response "Oh fuck. I have numerous "OF" moments on a daily basis and below are just some examples of them. If you really don't like swearing then try squinting slightly and pretending it says fudge

Oh fuck I don't have any tampons and my uterus is sabotaging me

Oh fuck I forgot to wear a thong, these jeans are so tight I have blatent VPL

Oh fuck I forgot to take my contraceptive pill, again. Ah well, I bet I won't get pregnant

Oh fuck my fake eyelash is coming off for the 15th time today

Oh fuck I'm supposed to be dieting/giving up caffeine/not smoking/saving money 

Oh fuck that girl has the same dress as me, double fuck she's accessorised it better 

Oh fuck I totally forgot the blend the contour on the entire left side of my face

Oh fuck I left my straighteners on. Why did I buy a Vogue subscription instead of Home Insurance?

Oh fuck I left the keys in the car. Did I? No I didn't. Wait. Did I? Oh fuck where are they?

Oh fuck I forgot that this is that bra that cuts off the circulation to my arms. Pray for me

Oh fuck no salads left, double cheese panini and crisps it is 

Oh fuck my pencil skirt has ridden up while I was walking and now I look like a hooker

Oh fuck I can't parallel park, I'll just park in that space 7 miles away instead 

Oh fuck I forgot I'm wearing eye make up and now I've rubbed my eye and now I look like half a panda

Oh fuck my left boob fell out when I lent over to select an avocado. That's not even my good boob

* Oh fuck there's a typo in my Blog Post


  1. Love it! Blog inspo!!

    1. Thanks Hun! I'll check out your blog asap :)


  2. This made me laugh so much, Love it! X


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