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February rushed by super fast, I can't believe that we're 3 months into 2015 already. I'm still eyeball deep in unpacking and decorating as we moved into our new house before Christmas and I  stumbled across this package from new fashion label WearAll. I'm still boycotting the highstreet and trawling the up and coming boutiques and WearAll is a bargain hunters dream. Especially when I see the same pieces stocked in Topshop and River Island but for double the price. There are some real gems on there including this cute "Full time fashion blogger" Tee as well as affordable basics. Check them out and stock up for summer

Next Palette

I picked up the new  "Perfect Look" palette from Next recently. The sleek packaging hooked me in, although I was slightly annoyed at the lack of testers on the stand. The palette was priced at £10 so I thought I'd give it a whirl. As you can see from the swatches some colours come up better than others and in general it's not a highly pigmented product so build up will be required. For a tenner though I don't think it's bad quality just don't expecting Inglot-esque result. 

Label M

  This texturising volume spray from Label M is an absolute miracle product for those of us with fine hair which lacks body. Debuted at London Fashion Week, Label M is a dry mist which build height and texture for a dramatic backcombed effect without the need to actually put your hair through the abuse of backcombing.

I always struggled to get volume into my hair but I DESPISE the over the top lacquered look which I have to endure laying eyes upon regularly. Ladies please stop. 
This product works at the roots which avoids that gross built-up, plastic wig look.

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  1. I love that tee (and that golden pineapple). I might have to make a little order.

    Rachael at

    1. The pineapple is from urban outfitters 🍍🍍
      I can't recommened WearAll enough, they're such a bargain hunters dream



  2. I bought the hair spray cause you recommended it! I struggle so much with getting volume in my hair (probably cause it's so thin from dying it blonde for many years of my life!) but I can't WAIT to try this! <3 xxx


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