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With the Easter weekend almost upon us I thought I'd better actually get my ass in gear and show you all the beautiful Easter treats I had the pleasure of testing out at this months LUSH Plymouth Bloggers event. The event was actually a couple of weeks ago but I've had a break from blogging due to my little one and her ongoing medical issues. Thankfully she's all better now and back to her regular self poking things into my eyes and smooshing things into my soft furnishings. Yay.

This was actually the second bloggers event held by LUSH Plymouth but the first one which I was able to attend. Having spent most of last summer nagging Adam, the Lush manager to hold a bloggers event, I then found myself in early labour when the event finally took place and as much as I begged the midwives, they were not prepared to let me attend. 6 centimeters of dilation stood between me and my love of fancy soaps

Moving (swiftly) on, the Spring event was a fantastic opportunity to take an in depth look at 3 key collections, the mothers day collection, the easter collection and the Gorilla perfume range as well as getting to know my fellow Plymouth Bloggers (Check out their links at the end of this post) It's always great to get some demonstrations of products and there were no shortage at the event as well as interesting insights into the creative processes and inspiration behind them

We also took part in an "Easter Egg" hunt around the store searching out the "Fluffy Egg" Easter Egg Baths bombs, my team was victorious (no thanks whatsoever to me in my 4 inch heels) and were awarded said Easter Egg baths bombs as a prize. These are seriously gorgeous little eggs, they smell like candy floss! If you aren't lucky enough to be able to take part in a bath bomb themed Easter egg hunt this Easter then you can get your hands on a Fluffy Egg HERE

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One section of the LUSH store which I've never really explored is the perfume section. I'm one of those perfume hoarding people who struggles to find a scent that lasts and although the bold unisex scents of the Gorilla collection may well prove too much for those who favour delicate frangrances, I managed to find several which converted me from the usual overpriced celebrity endorsed stink water.

The "Death, Decay and Renewal" Collection was particularly thought provoking and nostalgic as it's explores the links between memories and scents:

"Death and decay might seem like strange words to associate with a range of perfumes, but step inside our Gorilla gallery and you’ll be immersed in a world of fragrance that's far more complex and beautiful than it sounds"

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I also fell in love with the beautiful Golden Egg bathbombs. If it's gold and glittery then I am generally all for it. Having recieved one in my LUSH bloggers goody bag I've been saving it for the easter weekend as I'll be enduring a two week detox during the annual chocolate fest and will definately need cheering up as all those around me stuff themselves silly with actual Easter eggs

I suggest you get down to your nearest LUSH store as fast as you can and scoop up a whole basketball of thier Easter Treats before they depart for next year and while you're at it smear some of that glorious gorilla scent on, trust me you'll be surprised at how scrummy it is!

You can shop the LUSH Easter Collection online HERE

Plymouth Bloggers:

Have a LUSH Easter

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  1. Lush will forever be my 'go-to' shop. I am yet to try the golden egg. Looks super awesome x

  2. I also went to a similar lush event and it was glorious! Snap with the falling in love with that golden egg, I have a phone case which looks just like it and I am OBSESSED! lovely to hear that you had a good time ^_^ and glad to hear your little one is better <3
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x


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