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The Spark of MADDISON

I've been a huge fan of MADDISON Clothing for some time having drooled over their Instagram account on a daily basis. Finally having one of their stunning pieces land on my desk was an absolute dream come true. MADDISON clothing amalgamates everything I love about independent labels; unique products, superior quality materials, innovative branding and customer service with that personal touch. Every MADDISON item is lovingly hand made and the superior quality of both the materials used and the care in making them shines through in the products themselves.  

Up and coming designer Maddison Ellen is the brains and the talent behind this brave new brand, paving the way for strong creative young designers. She's doing what everyone else is talking about doing but not brave enough to try. She's out there, researching, buying and creating cutting-edge fashion whilst somehow always managing to maintain amazing customer service. She's mastered the whole "one woman band" thing that so many of us struggle with when mixing what we love with how we make our pennies and her concept is truly beautiful;

"MADDISON is the brand for a mystical community of fairies, dreamers and free spirits. All the goodness you see here is hand crafted with a touch of magic sewn into every seam. MADDISON specialises in costume-like clothing with an ambition to incorporate show-time fabrics into nightlife and everyday fashion. The majority of our fabrics are sourced from unique fabric suppliers and each design is limited. This means your rare and special MADDISON piece is unlikely to be seen on anyone else" 

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"MADDISON strives to provide innovative and beautiful fashion statements throughout the collections.  Exquisite and unusual fabrics are combined with jewelley to create the ultimate sexy fairytale" 

So what is it like to wear one of these pieces? Well I'm not going to lie, I was nervous. Wearing a MADDISON design is like wearing a piece of art. I could feel every ounce of care that has gone into hand stitching my beautiful backless halter-top but as soon as it was on and I instantly understood what was meant by the phrase "A touch of magic sewn into every seam." I accessorised the top with a simple black pencil skirt and my favorite gold YSL earrings - lets face it, it's the kind of piece which needs to simply shine on its own

It may have been madness to have gone out in February essentially topless save for sequins, mesh and nipple tape but it was so worth it. Fashion is art after all

To get your hands on a stunning, limited edition MADDISON piece CLICK HERE to browse the collection

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