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My Valentines Date Outfit

I'm very lucky to have a verrrrry romantic fiance who tends to spoil me everyday and this Valentines day was no different. He even listened and took note of my numerous hints regarding obscure foreign fashion labels and diligently scoured the internet for them. Definite Keeper.

For our Valentines date we actually went out on the Friday the 13th (babysitter problems) fortunately the 13th is a rather lucky number of mine for those in the know. We went to our favorite restaurant Rock Salt which is where we went on one of our first dates and many dates since. One of which  being a rather eventful evening when I was pregnant and Dan chomped his way through 3 courses while I sipped on Green Tea and tried not to pass out - all day morning sickness was just tops. So it's safe to say that Rock Salt is definitely "Our Place". If you are lucky enough to live close enough to Plymouth to pay it a visit then I cannot recommend it enough. Click to Book

We're also lucky enough to know the manageress and chef which came in handy when I managed to smash one of their (I'm presuming pretty expensive) glass pepper grinders. Even when disguised as a lady my awkward clumsiness just shines on through

Here are my outfit details;  
Millydaydreams wears the Missguided Skirt in Size 6
Skirt: Missguided
Satin Body: Topshop
Necklace: Miss Selfridge
Bag: YSL 
Hair: By Abacus Studios

I don't pop Molly I Rock

I posted the picture on the right to celebrate reaching 30,000 views - Thanks by the way you beautiful people! I also had a LOT of people asking about the T-shirt I'm wearing in the photo. I actually had this shirt made on as the highstreet really isn't interesting me much at the moment. Therefore I've taken to trawling through Depop and having clothes made specifically for me online. For those of you in the same boat you can use the link below to create your own T-shirt:

I also stumbled across the fabulous Annie_Bate on Depop. She hand makes these beautiful harness bra's which look stunning under the open fronted tops and dresses which seem to be all the rage. I'll definitely be investing in a lot of these for summer as they give an edgy update to any outfit whether casual or not.

BAZIIC Bitches

I've been coveting these BAZIIC Dresses for a while now and am so happy to have finally got my hands on one. Unfortunately they also come in Khaki and White so I'm now currently lusting over those too. I love the fit of this dress and it's an edgy alternative to the traditional LBD. I'm predicting big things for this brand in 2015 and am eagerly anticipating their SS15 Collection which launches next month.

Get ahead of the game and check the out now
Millydaydreams wears a Size S
Dress: Hot-MeSS

Also I need to say a big thank you for featuring me on thier Instagram profile once again. Click to follow

Leather Luxe

I picked up these amazing PU Leather look jeans from MissPap last month. Everyone always asks me how I manage to look so glamorous when I have a baby but I honestly don't know why more mothers don't wear leather. What more could you want then WIPE CLEAN clothes? No more mutiple outfit changes due to sick/poop/related incidents. I'm not sure that's what MissPap had in mind when they designed these but they've been a life saver. Plus they make my ass look freaking sweet.
Millydaydreams wears a Size 6
Black PU Highwaisted Jeans: MissPap


I don't know why I am constantly being labelled an "Over-dresser" this is a perfectly adequate outfit to wear to the garden centre on a Saturday afternoon. Pfft.

Anyway I thought I'd share my outfit details as I've had numerous requests and also I genuinely need everyone to go and check out which is where my gorgeous necklace is from as well as a whole bunch of upcoming items for the blog. Avoiding the highstreet once again I stumbled across this Australian company which will ship to the UK for free on orders over $75 - just under £50. So go check them out and thank me later
Millydaysdreams wears a 26" waist Jean
Sunglasses: River Island
Jumper: eBay
Necklace: ILoveShowPo
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: River Island

Casual Smasual

There aren't many days where I dress casually. Flat shoes make me physically ill. But this cute little jumper from New Look is great for the chill out days, especially as I can relate to the slogan. If you are a girl, no matter how many thousands of garments you own, there will be days when you find yourself staring at a mountain of your own clothes and wailing "I have nothing to wear." And then you will go online, blow £100 on things which will inevitably end up in the pile but will temporarily make you feel A-Ok.

Jumper: New Look

Sunglasses: New Look

Calvin Klein 

So everyone went a tiny bit nuts for the CK sets over Christmas huh? Yep well thanks to a certain Jenner posting a picture of herself wearing a set on Instagram I was unable to get my hands on the matching bralet for my underwear set until recently. Crisis averted. Since posting this picture I've also had a lot of requests to do a fitness post. My diet and fitness kicks are sporadic to say the least.  I have a diet primarily made up of black coffee and my workouts are mostly the result of living in a house with three floors and consistently leaving my phone upstairs. However, I will post something soon as summer is creeping up and I need to get my head down and my abs hard. 

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