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The Inspiring Women Series: Nailed it

Nail Candy Plymouth opened on the Plympton Ridgeway in November 2014, the brainchild of local businesswoman Meghan Potts. Meghan realised her talent for nail art when she was just 18 having received a grant from the Princes Trust to embark on a Nail Course. At this time she worked largely from home where she was able to remain close to her three children whilst supporting them financially. As well as being a successful businesswoman Meghan is a strong advocate for domestic abuse charity; The Freedom Programme, having suffered at the hands of her former partner. She quickly realised through talking to her devoted clients that many of them were suffering from domestic abuse issues and this prompted her to train as a counsellor in sexual-abuse listening therapy. Meghans background in councilling paired with her natural artistic talent saw her business boom and with baby number four on the way with her new partner she took on two other technicians and made the jump from mobile to her newly opened shop in Plympton.

Meghan, Salon Owner and Freedom Programme Advocate

I walked into Nail Candy Plymouth for my first appointment on a freezing December afternoon with my 5 month old daughter, Isabelle in tow and I would never trust anyone else with nails now. Finding a salon which would allow me to take Isabelle with me to my appointments was paramount, as anyone with children will understand and as a strong working mother herself Meghan made us feel welcome from the minute we arrived. The Nail Candy shop itself was right up my street. It was adorned with beautiful taxidermy and entomology specimens and a collection of coloured skulls sat on every table giving the place an edgy and modern feel

As well as the stunning decor the second thing I loved straight away about Nail Candy Plymouth is their eagerness to think outside of the box. The multi-talented Technicians are happy for clients to bring along inspiration props such as outfits, accessories and pictures taken from Pinterest. Whilst at the same time owner Meghan is scrupulous about crediting the sources of inspiration, strengthening the Nail Artist community rather than fostering the competitive approach favoured by other salons

There is a clear reason why girls will travel from as far afield as London for a set of Nail Candy Plymouth nails. The salon technicians truly are artists, with every design painstakingly hand painted in intricate detail. These girls are total perfectionists and freely recognise their pieces as a reflection of both their work and of your own personality

"At Nail Candy we specialise in creating 

long lasting nail enhancements, 

with unique freehand nail designs"

A set created for multi-talented singer, model and actress Isabella Johnson-Ewers

These days art takes many different forms, from tattooists etching realism masterpieces to hairdressers creating catwalk showstoppers. Nail Candy Plymouth is right up there with the best of them, producing cutting-edge original nail art in the South West. Similarly Meghan is leading the way for young female businesswomen and working mothers alike. Last year she used her salon to create a charity calender, picturing strong young women from across the city taking parts in jobs and hobbies they love whilst sporting Nail Candy Plymouth nails. The Calender raised vital funds for the domestic abuse charity which is so close to Meghan's heart and Nail Candy Plymouth continues to support strong young women everywhere

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