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January Favourites

As we approach the end of January and head into my favourite month, February - the month of luuurrrrvvvve, here are my January Favourites. 


So I've already broken my "No Nudes" Resolution and purchased the beautiful "Blankety" lipstick which I already absolutely adore. In my defense, I couldn't not buy it as it goes so beautifully with my new "Staunchly Stylish" Pro-Longwear lip liner. The combination creates a stunningly subtle creamy nude colour which isn't as noticable as say... Lady Danger when plastered on my daughters face in a moment of forgetfulness. Sorry Isabelle. All of you lot crying over the lack of Velvet Teddy gracing our shelves need to go out and purchase this combo as it's a pretty good alternative just not as dark.


I always enjoy my visits to LUSH. They’re never quick visits as I have a tendency to get deep into conversation with any one of their brilliant members of staff they have there. This time whilst excitedly planning some upcoming blogger events for the year I pick up a fruity “You’ve been Mangoed” Bathmelt and “Brightside” Bubblebar, both of which certainly perked up my Sunday night bath ritual. The citrus flavours of Sicilian mandarin complimented the mango tones perfectly leaving my skin babysoft and smelling like I’d been dunked in Tropicana. If you need a little pick me up as winter drags on then the citrus hit of this combo is perfectly uplifting.

 Plus LUSH have also launched their new Valentines range which includes the beautifully cute “The Kiss” lip scrub. LUSH’s signature sugar and sea salt scrub is given a romantic makeover with the addition of hearts and hundreds and thousands. I use this scrub every night before applying an organic balm for kissable lips every day.

Skinny Dip London

March cannot come fast enough for my phone upgrade. The relationship between my iPhone 5 and I has deteriorated dramatically in the past few months. At first it was the odd spat. A tantrum here, a failure to comply there until we were at all out war resulting in more than a few air-born visits to the bedroom wall. In anticipation of said upgrade I purchased this beautiful gold pineapple case from SkinnyDip London which is right up my street given my penchant for gilded pineapples in general. SkinnyDip have a beautiful range of cases for the magpies among us and as a serial phone case hoarded I’m sure this won’t be my only purchase from them. I 100% believe that you should coordinate your phone to your outfit so I can justify my theory with a few new additions.

Dress me Zara

I’m a big fan of Instagram as we all know (Millydaydreams on Instagram) and Instagram is the best place to track down quirky boutiques offering unique, bespoke pieces which tend to excite me more than highstreet stores. I stumbles across Dress_me_Zara whilst on one of my little Instagram research missions and spotted an absolute beauty of a dress, perfect for an upcoming girls weekend away.

Dress in Size 6
Although this dress has now sold out DressmeZara have numerous other beautiful pieces for those of us who tend to think outside of the box for upcoming events this year.


I am a self confessed coffee addict. So when I found out that I could legitimately start rubbing the stuff into my skin I was pretty stoked to try it. FrankBody is an Australian product made with natural ingredients which target dry skin, stretch marks, cellulite, eczema, psoriasis, acne and scarring. I opted for the Peppermint option, largely due to a persistent cold which I’d banked on shifting and which certainly did the trick to:

Sooth and stimulate with aloe vera, vitamin e, peppermint oil and native mint extract to rejuvenate tired muscles and skin

Once you get your head around the concept this stuff is actually a really good exfoliating and moisturising combination plus it's Free Shipping for British Babes. On the downside, MY GOD does it make a bloody awful mess. By the time I’d covered myself from head to toe and done the obligatory pouty/barely-there/look how sexy I am even when I’m covered in gunk blog photo it was somehow all up the walls, in the sink, on the door and I’m pretty sure I recall sponging a patch off the ceiling. So beware that whilst this stuff is amazing for your skin it’s not so amazing for your bathroom décor.

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Which products have you been enjoying this month?


  1. Someone's getting paid for product placement lol

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  2. Thanks Emma! They have some really stunning pieces, I just wish the weather would warm up a bit so I could wear it!




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