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Happy New Year Everyone (Better late than never!)

2015 wow. All I keep seeing is those posts about how we’re now just as far from 2030 as we are from 2000 and thinking Fuck, my mum was right. Time does fly as you get older and I bloody hate it when she’s right.

So I kind of owe all my readers an apology because I just disappeared at the end of 2014. Regular readers will be all too aware of my daughters on-going health issues which resulted in an emergency hospital admission in December. This came alongside buying and selling houses. Thankfully we moved into our new house on December 22nd – Yay to finally being a homeowner, nay to living amid several thousand boxes of junk I wish I’d thrown out.

2015 is my cue to knuckle down to blogging on my part, following a rather stern word I had with myself regarding my almost constant procrastination. Don’t get me wrong I love my blog but when writers block strikes, it is a swift and unmerciful enemy which no amount of wine and coffee can overcome. In fact I often find myself trying to piece together scribbled notes and diagrams drawn onto magazines alongside 4am iPhone notes and a catalogue of mostly gibberish into some sort of sensible article. Hey nobody said that the creative process was easy, or that the creative mind was ordered. I do, however have a swanky new office/dressing room in the new house to aid my work ethic so I'll be looking forward to sharing lots of posts about how I plan to style the room and house in general. I am honestly like a kid in a candy shop with 4 bedrooms and 2 livings rooms to decorate *rubs hands together in glee..

So Happy New Year everyone and welcome to my new readers. After having a baby, buying a pupping, a new car a new house and getting engaged last year lets hope this year is a lovely quiet and peaceful one!

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