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2015 New Years Resolutions

  Stop stifling my Creativity

My mum is an artist. My sister is a chef. I’ve never been one to fit too comfortably into any sort of category. In the past this has tempted me to pursue singular creative paths  however at the grand old age of 23 I’ve come to the conclusion that rather than having one particular skill I have lots and rather than making excuses for failing to pursue them I’m just going to do them and not care what anyone else thinks. Easier said than done when the sarky comments start popping up; “You are shit mate” But this year I am going to bake, sew, sing, dance, model and play instruments. I’m going to kayak, hike, plan events, blog and plan my wedding. I’m going to be an interior designer, a writer, a beauty consultant and a mother. Not to get too “Girl Power” on this one but I’m kind of bored of being told that I cant do this and I cant do that. Turns out you can do whatever the F**k you like if you’re passionate enough about it.

    Stop shopping in Primark

I’m not being a snob here. I have absolutely nothing against Primark as it can be a great place for the savvy shopper to pick up the odd bargain. However, Primark is not a place for people with no self-control.

“Vest tops for £3? Well I’d better get seven!”
“Sparkly phonecases!?? Ok, so I don’t have that model of phone but I’ll get one anyway”
“My Little Pony PJs? Ok, so it’s boiling hot August but who cares??”
“Tiny lipgloss keyrings! I’ll just tip this entire box into my basket”

You see my problem? So I’m drilling into myself the “Quality not Quantity” ethos this year and saving my pennies for some really swanky pieces. Seriously. If anyone spots me in a Primark please just stage an intervention yes?

Start getting Fit

I managed to shed my baby weight pretty quickly in the last 6 months, predominantly through a diet of coffee and stress. Smug doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel about my lack of stretch marks (almost as smug as I feel about my entirely intact perineum) 

Anyway, I digress. I’m back to my pre-pregnancy size of UK 6/8 and now that I’ve lost the weight am keen to tone up in time for beach season. This “toning-up” is of particular importance given my 2016 Beach Wedding plans, I’m not one for sticking to fitness goal but $2000 of handmade French lace might just motivate my lazy ass.
I am not a fan of boring old Mr Exercise so instead I plan to keep fit in enjoyable ways. I’ve purchased a pole for pole-fitness classes at home, a novel way of furnishing the guest bedroom I'll grant you. I’ve also signed up to Zumba Classes – as you can probably tell I’m a big fan of dance.

Living near the water I’m also opting to purchase a Kayak and Paddle for the summer months, having kayaked as a teenager. Being a Cornish girl I need little convincing to hit the beach and get out on the waves and luckily my good friend wrote the book on Kayaking (no, seriously he really did write a book about it) and is currently advising me on the best little plastic boaty thing for me.

Stop buying Nude Lipsticks

Seriously I have 24 and there are only so many occasions which warrant “hint of peach” “hint of apricot” or “hint of peach and apricot.” Everyone is well aware of my MAC addiction, seriously is there a MAC addicts anonymous group because I need membership? I do vow to branch out into some slightly more adventurous colours this year, I feel like this should also extend to my black, black and more black wardrobe but lets just take one step at a time.

Have more Sex

Not to get too “TMI” about it but humans are one of the few species that have sex for pleasure and the benefits of sex include lowering your blood pressure, boosting your immune system and getting him to buy you that bag you wanted. Sex is one of those things that drops of the radar as soon as stress, tiredness and general life get a bit much so we really need to make a concerted effort to get down and dirty. Trust me it’s worth it and I speak as someone with a nocturnal 6 month old child, if I can manage it I’m sure you can. Sex helps to strengthen the bond between you and your partner and it’s the kind of medicine you don’t mind swallowing (Sorry but I am allowed to sneak in one sex-pun) Besides, it does a girl good to get kitted out in Agent P sometimes and stalk about with a purpose
What are your New Years Resolutions?


  1. I love all of these... one of the most honest list of resolutions ive read. I respect you for losing your baby weight so quickly! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. Thanks Amy <3 I'll pop over now and leave you some feedback hun



  2. Milly, You are one of the most genuine bloggers around. You're down to earth and understand the needs of being a woman. More sex? GO FOR IT. x P.s - you're a cow for being a size 6...

    1. "Rabbits" comes to mind... LMFAO ...
      Excited to Collab with you this year - that should be on the list really!!




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