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The festive season almost upon us, it's time to break out the Sequins. Enter the most sequin encrusted of all - The "Nelly" White Sequin Jumper from Pretty Little Thing, which is so beyond beautiful that I genuinely let out a small squeal of excitement upon receiving it.

Jumper & Jeans in Size 8
* Photo Credit - Daniel Burnard (Cheers Love!)
Jeans: Topshop

I really like this jumper. It makes such a statement that the rest of the outfit really needs to be kept simple and low-key. However, I feel the term "Jumper" needs to be revised. A Jumper is something warm, probably woolen and not necessarily the first thing you would opt to wear to party. The Nelly "Jumper" is none of those things, it's fun, eye-wateringly beautiful and the perfect party piece for the festive season. 


It's Shiny
It's Pretty
I only lost 3 Sequins

It's Handwash only
It will blind people in direct sunlight
I lost 3 Sequins

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  1. haha your pros and cons made me laugh :p That's such a lovely top, it's definitely a perfect way to jazz up an outfit. Plus who doesn't like sparkles and sequins :p x
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