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The Gemporia AW14 Collection

I have mixed emotions regarding autumn/winter collections. A large part of me wants to throw myself on the floor and have a little tantrum that summer is nearly over, a summer which I have largely missed due to being... well... pretty large myself. Another more rational part of me recognises the wisdom in preparing early for winter as the inevitable, creeping christmas panic begins to take hold. This usually begins on around September the 1st as you are standing in Tesco's purchasing bottles of pinot and mini barbeques and feeling smug about your natural tan. Then you catch sight of the advent calender stand by the till and summer becomes a distant memory.

So with the inevitable advance of the yuletide in mind I was thrilled to have gained a sneak peak at the Gemporia A/W14 collection. The collection takes inspiration from a wide range of influences, from the natural world, to retro candy stores and Victorian England.

There are seven key collections coming to you this Autumn/Winter; 

Ametrine Shards
Oversized cuts of Amethyst set with fine gold, making a striking contrast between drama and simplicity

Topaz, Fluorite and Aquamarine set in fine gold, highlighting the ocean-like vibrancy of each stone

Statement cluster rings featuring a kaleidoscope of candy coloured precious stones and set in silver

A refined and elegant collection of ice white diamonds set in refined gold. A more contemporary alternative to traditional bridal jewelry

A soft and delicate collection of pastels set in rose gold which takes inspiration from country gardens

A dramatic and dark collection of ruby and sapphire inspired by Victorian Gothic elegance 

Sarah Bennet Molton
A collection of textured metals and oversized gemstones which take inspiration from Britain's vibrant coastline

So that's your Christmas wishlist sorted, something for you to drop hints to your better half about from now until the big day. I would suggest making a start by leaving this blog post up on your desktop for him to "happen to notice," perhaps coughing loudly in indication of its importance. You can then progress to just printing it off and stapling it to his head while he sleeps, trust me girls men don't respond to subtely and you can thank me later. 

As well as providing average savings of 57.7% over highstreet brands, Gemporia also boasts a vast collection of affordable jewelry alongside it's premium lines. Gemporia HQ were kind enough to send over this stunning chameleon quartz ring for me which features 13cts of stunning peacock blue and green stone set in sterling silver.

This beautiful piece is a real steal at just £40 and here are some of my other favourites from the Gemporia range which won't break the bank

1. Gold Plated Rose Quartz Ring Click to Buy
2. Cultured Pearl Necklace Click to Buy
3. Pina Citrine and Garnet drop earrings  Click to Buy
4. Chrome Diopside Bracelet Click to Buy
5. Honeycomb Pendant Click to Buy
6. Cullinan Topaz Ring Click to Buy

Which Gemporia pieces will you be sporting in Autumn/Winter 2014?

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  1. The jewellery looks amazing, but I really love the recipes on your blog, can't wait to try them.

    I have nominated your blog for a Liebster Award!


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