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Summer Drinks Accessories

Drinking water out of a glass is so 2013. This year it's all about Smoothie Jars, Paper Straws and Novelty Milk Bottles. Actually, some of my vast collections of drinking apparatus have practical uses rather than just being pretty Instagram props. The jars for instance are hugely helpful in transporting my morning Smoothies to the office whilst avoiding a sticky tsunami handbag incident. My little plastic "To Go" flasks are great for keeping flies, dust and my puppy's inquisitive tongue out of my beverages. And the little Skull peering up at me from my Creature cup makes me smile every morning despite the decaffeinated contents.

I've tried to find the exact items featured for you lovely people, however where some items are no longer available I've provided links to similar alternatives  
From Left to Right:

3. Kilner Jar Drinking Mug (Clear), £3.99
4. Gold Spot Teacup: Any old Teacup + A Gold Sharpie Pen - Get Creative!
5. Kilner Jar Drinking Mug (Various colours), £5.45
6. Retro Straw Dispenser, £9.99

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  1. Love this post! I'm loving the jar trend at the moment. :)

    The Sunday Chapter
    Angela xo

  2. So cute!!! Great ways to elevate an everyday experience!


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