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Beauty Saints and Sinners

Here is my lowdown of recent products I've used, enjoyed or just wanted to chuck out of an upstairs window. Some of them have been saints; angels sent from beauty heaven to make my life easier. Some have been sinners, troublemakers who have stolen my hard earned cash and left me with less than desirable results.

To save you the hassle of wasting your pennies check out my low-down.
In the interest of fairness I have provided links to both the Saints and the Sinners products.


The BeautyBlender® Sponge

I never thought I would be recommending a piece of pink sponge to my readers, a piece of pink sponge that costs £16. To be honest I wasn't convinced when I first heard about the product, it seemed rather like the beauty worlds version of the Emperors new clothes and I was very skeptical that a small overpriced egg would change my life so dramatically.

But then one of the BeautyBlender® Sponges landed on my desk courtesy of Birchbox UK and guess what? It did change my life. OK, tad over-dramatic... It changed my make-up routine. It really does make application super easy and super even, you soak the sponge in water prior to using it so it doesn't drink your foundation and the curved edges mean that the application of foundation, BB cream, CC cream, tinted moisturizer is quick and painless. No lines, no patches, no hassle and ideal for summer when you don't need heavy coverage.

You really do have to try it for yourself to believe how much it will change up your routine but let me assure you that it is worth the price tag. 

BeautyBlender® Sponge £16 
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Kneipp Lemon Aromatherapy Bath Oil

I don't post Beauty Subscription box reviews as I don't think they're helpful BUT this Kneipp Lemon Bath Oil is another Birchbox discovery (and yet another reason why I'm glad I waved bye bye to Glossybox UK).

My love of everything citrus is only rivaled by love of a good soak in the tub so this this product was an immediate winner. You only need a tiny amount in each bath to get the full lemon experience. Perfect for freshening up after these hot and sticky summer days.

It's also Paraben, mineral oil and artificial fragrance free - so chuck your chemical filled lotions in the bin and grab a bottle of this stuff, you won't regret it

Kneipp Lemon Oil £8.50

Click here to sign up to Birchbox and get FREE DELIVERY on your first box

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer

You only need to read my previous post on the MUA Lip Lacquers and the 12 hour test results to see why this product is one of my absolute beauty saints Click to read. We all love a bold and bright lip, but we don’t all love having to rush to the loo every 5 minutes to cheek our bold lip hasn't become bold facepaint.

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer £3
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Bourjois Rouge Edition

Bloggers are going mad for these. I went a different kind of mad, it is infuriating to have product advertised as “Matte” remain on your lips all day without drying into the promised Matte effect. This stuff was sticky and runny and really gave more of a gloss rather than a matte effect. Such a waste of money – Save yourself the hassle and the £4.99 by sticking with the MUA Luxe Laquers safe in knowledge that you can eat your lunch without looking like Krusty the Clown afterwards.

Bourjois Rouge Edition £8.99
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(Image above)

Cocoa Brown 1 hour Tan

I’m really not one for Sun beds for the following reasons:

A.      Low Blood pressure + Extreme Heat = Awkward nude sun shower rescue incidents (please don’t make me elaborate on the most embarrassing moment of my life to date)
B.      I don’t want to look like a wrinkly leather handbag in 10 years time
C.      I know most of society seems to have missed those massive government campaigns warning of increased melanoma but it kind of put me off the whole “cooking my skin” thing

So when I heard about Cocoa Brown 1 hour Tan I rushed out to get the product which had everything going for it; it was affordable, it smelt nice and it promised results by the time Made in Chelsea has finished.

Despite the relatively even application, the results were minimal and worst of all was that the tan quickly started to fade and I was left with a patchy result as it took a couple of days to fully scrub the stuff off. The fact that I saw this stuff retailing in Primark just a few weeks after its launch is testament to the quality of the product itself. I'm not going to give up Cocoa Brown and I'll be trying some of the other products but in the meantime it’s back to my trusty Dark St Moritz I go, I’m so sorry I ever doubted you, my chocolate angel!

CocoaBrown 1 Hour Tan £7.99
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Elf Mineral Face Primer

Despite costing less than a skinny caramel latte, sadly that was about all this product had going for it.

Due to its high silicone content it made my skin break out, plus it offered little in the way of pore minimisation or in terms of preserving my foundation.
My favorite and most recommended primer is the Clarins Instant Smooth Primer (£26) which is a little too steep for some people, my reasons why it's my "go-to" can be found here. However I would not recommend Elf Mineral Face Primer as a cheap alternative. I will instead continue the search for an affordable Clarins dupe and I vow I will find one for you!

Elf Mineral Face Primer £6.95
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The Juries out


Throughout June I am trying out my month long supply of Hair Vits which set me back £24.99 but promise to improve my hair byAdding all the vital vitamins and nutrients to my diet that my body needs to grow stronger, longer hair.”

I’ll let you know how the trial went and whether it’s worth forking out your pennies on these when I’ve finished my months trial, anything that claims to help my neglected hair back in shape would be great. There are only so many style of "messy bun" you can cram into one week before people start assuming you are having some sort of breakdown.

* Since my purchase "Hairvits" has now changed its name to "HairBurst" * 

You can check them out here

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