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My Summer Skincare Routine

Like many of you I tend to pick up various beauty and fashion tips as I go along, committing them to the virtual scrapbook of my brain and praying I get the results praised in whatever article or post I've nabbed them from.

My skin has always been a problem. If it isn't acne its dry patches. If it isn't an oily T-zone it's visible pores. If it isn't rosacea then its dark circles. The list is endless, or at least it was endless until I started getting strict with myself and thinking about the reasons why I seemed to have all these problems.

The truth is I was being more than a little half-arsed when it came to looking after my skin. Giving my face a quick once over with a make-up wipe before bed and again when waking up before caking on the make-up for 12 hours+ was obviously not ideal.  Don't get me wrong I still use make-up wipes, I've read the articles condemning them and I agree that they promote the "quick fix approach," however I still think they have their place.

Step 1. Facewipes! I tend to use the Simple brand as it's aimed at sensitive skin and removes even stubborn eye-makeup easily. Wipes tend to be my starting point, what I use to get rid of the "face paint" and yes you do still have to be careful when using them; don't scrub at your face like a crazed inmate or rub your make-up off in a violent downwards motion which is only going to aid mother natures aging ritual. Wipes are the start of a routine they are not the whole routine and that is where so many people go wrong.

Step 2. I tend to suffer from dry skin so every other day I'll give my skin a thorough blitz with an exfoliator, my current favourite is the YesTo Grapefruit exfoliant for uneven skin, you can read my previous review of the product here

Step 3. Once you've got the visible stuff off it's time to go in with the cleansers. I am currently using a double cleansing approach, yes that's right two different cleansers. Firstly I'll start by using a cotton pad soaked in Micellar Water, this stuff is BIG NEWS on the beauty circuits. It's an easy and effective cleansing method which doesn't leave the skin feeling irritated or raw as Micellar waters contain clusters of molecules called surfactants. Not to get too graphic about things (and for godsake try not to think about sperm) but these little Surfactants have a head and a tail component, the head is attracted to water while the tail is attracted to oil and grease. As the Micellar water is applied to the skin the oil and grease is removed while the water molecules stay in places meaning that the skin is not left irritated or dry. Garnier Micellar water is my favourite brand. Click to Buy

Step 4. If you still aren't convinced by the "anti-makeup wipe" brigade then take a look at the cotton pad after you've completed the Miceller water step. Grim right? And to think that all of that grime was still on your face despite how clean it looked. There is no clearer demonstration of the ineffectiveness of wipes than a filthy post-wipe cleanser pad. Following the water I'll then use a cream cleanser also applied with a cotton pad to really ensure I've got every speck of grime off. Double cleansing is much like popping filthy clothes on a pre-wash before the main cycle, after all your skin goes through a lot in a day from general air-born grime to the muck we trowel on ourselves and if you head off to bed having missed any of it then you'll more than likely be in for a nasty zitty surprise in the morning. I am currently using Boots traditional cold cream cleanser.  Click to Buy

Step 5. Once I've completed these steps and I really feel like my skin is completely clear and squeaky clean I apply YesTo brightening under-eye cream also in Grapefruit Review here

Step 6. Next is a moisturiser. I wasted more money then I care to recall on expensive moisturisers, night creams and serums before I found that a raw, organic and not to mention CHEAP product was actually the miracle I'd been searching for. Ahhh Coconut oil. I don't think I can champion the merits of this products enough, I mean I wrote an entire article on it Click to read. I apply this stuff liberally, it's deeply nourishing and antibacterial so don't worry about it's greasy texture - it's good grease! I mix the oil with a few drops of my radiance plus-glow serum to build a gradual healthy glow Full review here.

Step 7. Finally, each morning I follow steps 1 to 4 - ensuring a clean and fresh surface for make-up application before applying Clarins Instant Smooth base. I can't recommend this base enough, make-up glides on like a dream and stays put all day - it's well worth the price tag. The base also acts as a barrier between your make-up and your skin whilst smoothing away fine lines, pores and imperfections. I'm quite ashamed to admit that in my less skin-aware days I would often fall asleep in my full make-up following a night out only to find it completely intact the next morning thanks to this stuff, not something I would recommend but definitely testament to it's staying power.

Everyone's skin is different and therefore requires a different approach therefore you don't have to follow this routine, I'm simply championing the products which are working for me as someone who has suffered with bad skin over the years. I often pick up tips from others so I'd love to hear your tips and tricks and whether you've used any of the products in question so leave me a comment on get in touch on Twitter

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