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Good Afternoon to my lovely readers! Following a week of blogger blackout, due to my puppy chewing up laptop charger, I am back in blogging business!

For those of you not yet connected via Twitter or Instagram here is quick catch up of things I've been up to whilst pining for my blog this week and I shall have some posts for you coming up ASAP.

On Saturday I made these gorgeous pink tissue paper flowers, they were so easy to do but turned out really effective. I'll be posting a tutorial on my blog this week showing how they are done. There are several methods out there but I think I've found the best one! They adorned my snack tray for a Saturday night film marathon alongside marshmallow milk and sweeties. My wooden tray was an eBay buy which I painted white myself and my heart mug and bowl are from Dunhelm Mill.

I also enjoyed a meal out at the Treby Arms, treated by my lovely other half.  The Treby is run by Masterchef winner chef Anton Piotrowski and the food absolutely blew me away! Pictured above is my Pheasant Rillette starter, I am a  huge "foodie" aided by the fact that my sister is a Patisserie chef as I get to try lots of her amazing food. I'm not ashamed to admit that I ate all three courses and even shared a breadboard - the food was just that good!
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Over the sunny bank holiday I took a trip to the beach, dragging my aforementioned naughty puppy, Leo with me. It was a beautiful day and I was evilly amused when the waves caught Leo out - serves him right for chewing up my charger! I took the opportunity to try out my new SOIGNÉ Nail Lacquer in Cerise, which had been provided by the lovely Birchbox. I must say that for just the one coat the shade provided a beautifully thick and bright colour.

I seem to have a very early payday compared to others, therefore my money is usually gone and I'm usually eating plain pasta for every meal whilst everyone else is uploading their splurge posts...cry! Anyway, this payday I decided to treat myself to a new bag for no particular reason and so ordered this chic little white number from Pauls Boutique. To be honest it's always been a brand I steered clear of; flashbacks to the chav-tastic specimens my contemporaries would cart around the school canteen. However I've noticed recently that PB have really upped their game so I thought I'd be brave. Full review next week when it arrives, if I find myself lusting over Helly Hansen and gold chains then I might have to send it back. 

My 6th month of pregnancy and all the wonderful and joyous things that has brought! Heartburn, cravings, ligament pain... but thankfully no stretch marks! Also thankfully the excuse to waste lots of money of pretty homewares, claiming that I'm "Nesting." I've given my bedroom a good overhaul opting for minimal, white and pastel. Expect lots of homewares posts as the nesting hots up, my apologies in advance if ceramic trinket trays and coloured mason jars aren't your bag. Soz.
And finally... As I mentioned above I received my first Birchbox this month. After two months I decided that Glossybox just wasn't for me so I made the switch and I was not disappointed. Like I've said before, I'm not going to do a review post of the entire contents of each monthly box, it's pointless and there are more than enough of those posts of there. Instead if I find something in there I like then you will hear about it when it pops up in a post, much like SOIGNÉ Nail Lacquer.

You'll also all be glad to hear that I went out and bought some more "species appropriate" chew toys for my puppy so we shouldn't have any more blackout incidents in the near future. 

Kids eh?

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