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I've been lucky enough to be able to connect with some really great bloggers this week and have been asked to write guest posts for some really great blogs. I've also had the pleasure of working with Meghan from "Got Meghans" Blog who has written today's Guest blog piece on the subject of Staying Humble. Meghan writes an inspiring lifestyle blog covering everything from literature and creative writing to beauty tutorials. Please take  a look at her blog as she is an inspiring young woman and an accomplished blogger.

These days it's easy to forget how lucky we are when we're swept up in the everyday complications of life. We're all guilty of letting trivial daily problems bring us down and forgetting how lucky we actually are. In 2010 I was working in India for the British Government and it's thinking back to the sights I saw there, the slums, the poverty... that reminds me to stay humble when I'm moaning about my phone bill or a pair of shoes I can't afford.

Here is what Meghan had to say on the subject:

"I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in my first guest blogging post . The topic for this post is basically staying humble and how to remind you to be humbled. I hope you enjoy this piece. Thank you to Milly for allowing me to do this. I had a lot of fun working on it. Enjoy!"

“Someone else is happy with less than what you have.” 

These words have never been more right than right now. It’s always nice to be reminded of how blessed you are with the amount of things you have in your life. I have always been happy with having less because I have seen when a person has more than they can manage. It makes them greedy and take what’s not theirs. What have they done to earn what they have? A person has to work for it to earn it. That’s what we are taught in life from the time we are born. It’s just sometimes we forget how we got where we are right now, which happens. We get too caught up in what’s going around us and never see the bigger picture and being happy with what we’ve already got in our lives. 

“No matter how big your house is. How recent your car is. How big your bank is. Our grave is still going to be the same size. Stay humble.”

Something that instantly comes to mind is how people of the Great Depression must’ve felt through those hard times of having no money to feed their families and pay their bills. Even the prices were low to begin with as it was the 1930-40’s, when an actress had enough money for a new mink coat and was the most beautiful woman in the world probably didn’t give a damn about the ones suffering around her. She kept buying her expensive clothes and drinking champagne in a speakeasy. It’s kind of like high school, when a person who knows they couldn’t afford new things that his or her peers talks about at the lunch table, begs for their parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles to buy whatever it is for them. Just because somebody has it, doesn’t mean you should have it too. It might be hard to hear when somebody says that even though an actress of that time had everything in the world to make her happy, she probably wasn’t as happy as we think. When somebody in your family says “no” to your request, you hate them a little but as you get older things start to come out and you realize that you never needed those things to be like everybody else.

“If you are humble. Nothing can touch you. Neither praise or discouragement. Because you know who you are.”

If you’re like me and everything you can do, that everybody admires you for, isn’t that big of a deal then you are deeply humbled. I have been blessed with many things, a loving family, friends, a blog that gives me a way to express myself in more ways than one, and then there’s two things that I have that have a more greater meaning to being able to live out my life like I have and they are my feet and the rods in my back. I can’t use my hands or fingers, can’t lift or bend them. So from a young age I learned how to do everything with my feet and they have given me ways to write, text, draw, and etc. I’ve grown to be humble when certain talents shine brighter than the rest. I feel weird when I get praise, when I get complements for them, because some days I don’t feel how they’re so special that everybody goes crazy over them. For my good days, I feel like my ego grows larger and it’s difficult to calm down from that high. I would feel better if I didn’t feel much by their comments but whenever somebody makes a comment, I try to find something about them that I like. I’ve always done that. It kills my ego to be nice but I’ve always been taught that if somebody gives you praise, you should return the favor. So that’s what I do every time.

“From humble beginnings come great things.”

How can we remind ourselves how lucky we are? By looking at another person who has it worse than you. I think that’s how I’ve stayed humble and kind throughout the years, because I’ve seen other people with worse conditions. It makes me grateful for what I have and I don’t want to wish for more because I’m scared that if I had more than I could manage then my whole outlook on life and how I see myself as a person would change. Don’t look at a person at first glance and assume that they must have everything, because sometimes they don’t. It’s all an illusion to keep us wondering and judging each other for the things we do not have. Just keep that in mind the next time you’re at the store, at the mall, or anywhere for that matter."

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