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How to - MUA Setting Spray

I've never really been a fan of setting sprays. There's something a little bit "Industrial" about blasting yourself in the face with a spray at the end of your make-up routine.

But Industrial or not, if your make-up starts to slide off and puddle on the floor by 2pm like mine tends to then you'll probably be tempted to try the setting spray approach.

I  took the plunge and picked up a bottle of MUA Pro Base fixing mist last week for a bit of a play around. Being so adverse to spraying myself in the face with anything I quickly discovered that if you instead spray a few pumps of the stuff into a pot before mixing in a blob of your favourite foundation or in my case BB Cream then it sets your make-up without the jet-wash approach!

 So did it work? Yes. like. a. CHARM.

I have pretty oily skin, if I dont reapply powder every couple of hours you could be mistaken for thinking I work in a chippy. I don't. But by adding this stuff to my BB Cream I got a good 6 hours+ out of it before the need to dust my T-zone.

Therefore I would definitelty recommend giving this a go, there are millions of setting sprays on the market but I would advise choosing the MUA Pro Base fixing mist as it's only £5 for 60ml meaning you can easily try this tip for yourself without spending a fortune. Urban Decays setting spray for example is £20 a bottle.

Let me know how you get on, I have extra time in my day now after all as I'm not rushing off to reapply powder every 2 hours - Thanks MUA!

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  1. Great Review, I'll have to give this product a try so I won't have to worry about reapplying makeup for after work drinks :-)

    1. I was pretty sceptical but it really does work! I didn't even have to reapply between work and going out to dinner this evening - such a time saver 👍

  2. My friend offered me this after I had the same problem of sliding make up - it really does work amazingly well although I never would have thought to mix it in with make up first. I'll be trying that next time!

    1. Let me know how you get on I would love to get some testimonials together for the blog :)
      It's been working really well for me, I was going to upgrade to the Urban Decay setting spray but there's no need as the MUA one works great and is a quarter of the price! xx


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