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Disney for MAC

MAC have teamed up with Disney to release a new makeup line inspired by the upcoming Maleficent movie starring Angelina Jolie. Are you excited?

 When I heard the news late last year I was beyond excited. Maleficent is the ultimate Disney Villain and this was the ultimate chance for MAC to follow in the footsteps of experimental and innovative  brands like LimeCrime and do something really bold and alternative. I was anticipating bold greens and soft lilacs, golden glitter and vibrant blues. I was thinking Wicked... I was clearly a little over ambitious...


The collection itself is actually rather disappointing. It’s got all of MACs trademark flair and finesse but it’s not groundbreaking and it’s certainly not innovative.

If you’re looking for a basic Vamp toolkit then this is a good collection it’s got the classic red lips its got a staple black polish, it’s got a brown palette, with a rather uncomfortable looking yellow thrown in for good measure. But it’s nothing we haven't all seen before. 

It just makes me wish that MAC would get a little more creative with their collections, last year’s Rihanna collection seemed like it was taking MAC in the right direction but the dull colour choices in the Maleficent Collection just feel like they’ve chucked the same old staples into some shiny new packaging
 The collection is due for release in early June and I have no doubt there will be the usual horde of teenage girls queuing outside, probably crying. I have no doubt it will sell out within days, but I also have no doubt that these predictions are far more likely to be related to MACs strong brand identity and the "Shiny new" Disney packaging rather than any real excitement for the products themselves.

Maleficent will be released in UK Cinemas on May 30th, 2014

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