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April Wishlist

These are my favourite things for April. My wishlist. Or to be more accurate: The things I will be steadily and stealthily purchasing over the course of April whilst pretending I’ve had them for ages in order to avoid the stern financial advice of my mother.

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Loose Glitter Pots 

Urban Decay is bringing out a collection of six, fine grain yet full on loose glitters that can be used on both the face and body. The pots are retailing at £10 each but you do have to purchase the Urban Decay Bondage glitter adhesive separately which also retails for £10. Perfect to for the upcoming festival season; I’m predicting so much glitter this summer you’ll think it’s the 90’s again. Word of Warning: Despite extensive research I’ve not been able to find clarification as to whether they are eye-safe and given the amount of recent coverage given to the dangers of using MACs glitter products in the eye area, I’d advise playing it safe on this one. Stick to the body area on these and invest in an eye-safe glitter liner.
These will be made available at Debenhams and John Lewis throughout April

Triangl Swimwear 

Triangl Swimwear is taking the blogging community by storm. If you want some bikini body motivation BUY ONE. They are made of a material called neoprene; a wetsuit material which means even the white ones won’t go see-through. They also come in some really lovely colours, all designed to compliment your tan to the maximum and are ultra supportive and flattering. They also come with a matching bag, chuck your towel and a copy of Vogue in and you’re all set for the beach! They do, however require a lot of aftercare in terms of careful washing and drying as the neoprene fabric is easily marked. If you are someone like me who tends to chuck all their swimwear and wetsuit into the car in a tangled mess after a surf, before promptly forgetting about it for a week then this bikini probably isn’t for you. They come in ice white, mint green (pictured), vibrant blue and a lush coral. Click to buy

Topshop Well T-Bar Esparilles

 There are so many pretty white sandals around at the moment (reminding me guiltily that I have haven’t yet booked a Spring pedicure - It's on my "To Do" list I swear) and having now appeased my inner child with Jelly-Sandals in every colour I feel like I need something a little more “grown-up” now in the very unlikely case that I be invited to the Polo or to join a lawn party for Croquet – any excuse for new shoes. Topshop are leading the pack on the Highstreet in terms of the updated heeled sandal, again I’m having 90’s flashbacks.  I must say New Look are keeping up and when there’s a £20 difference it’s a difficult choice to make. As I always say that’s like... three cocktails! Despite this Topshop have me hooked with these wedged specimens which I can’t see myself forgoing this month. Click to buy

True Romance Eye-Shadow Palette in Sinner, Kat Von D for Sephora

Smoky eye doesn’t just have to be for winter, a casual smoky eye is just the thing for those summer evenings when you’re making that transition from beach to party. Many a smudge of purple or grey has been added using the wing mirror of a car and applied with a finger when traipsing happily from beach to campsite to pub. Sephora’s products in this respect are brilliant, each eye shadow is infused with rose extract, great for hydrating and ensuring eyelids stay soft and moisturized after a day of salt, sea and sand. Designed especially for Sephora by reality television star Kat Von D, the palette is stenciled with Kats trademark old-world romantic, tattoo-inspired imagery. It's a good job I like it really, Kat Von D is not someone you want to insult. Last week she posted a comment by a fellow female and Instagram user blasting her chipped nails "You would think someone with her own cosmetics line would look professionally manicured" before promptly allowing her pack of fans tear the woman apart. All hail Queen Kat! Click to buy

Juicy Couture Malibu and La La Malibu Fragrances

 And finally what would the onset of summer be without a light summery fragrance? I was lucky enough to get my hands on some testers of the Juicy Couture Spring Summer fragrances (Thanks Glossybox UK!) They come in loud neon orange and neon pink packing – striking and summery and yet two very different scents, the Orange one is Malibu and the Pink is La La Malibu – Yes really. Despite receiving a blasting from the rest of the blogger community, I actually quite liked them. This is perhaps because I spent the winter cloaked in Paco Rabane One Million – The mens version... and was therefore an easy candidate for seduction by these girly and floral scents. Bloggers in general do not like receiving perfume samples, deeming them a bit of a “cop out” in terms of products samples. But I don’t personally have time to go traipsing around department stores collecting samples and agonising over which tiny over-priced bottle of nothing best encapsulates “what I’m all about” which is probably why I end up sporting the men’s stuff. Blogger bias aside, I really liked these I was complimented frequently when wearing them and they lasted really well. If you usually sport a musky winter scent and fancy a change up to something fresher I would definitely recommend these.  Available now at Debenhams

Happy April!


  1. This is a great wishlist :)

    1. Thank you Josie! Great to get some feedback from a fellow blogger <3


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