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Fruit Smoothie Ice Lollies

Spring seems to finally be here at last!

After a winter of comfort food and overindulgence the season of BBQs, Fresh Fruits and Salads is upon us. As a devoted clean eater and health and fitness freak spring and summer are just that little bit easier to maintain a healthy diet. However like anyone I do like the odd treat like a nice ice cream on a hot day.

The problem is these ice creams usually come in packs. Multiples. Which, when left with someone with very little self control, don't usually last too long. Not to mention the fat content of Ice Cream and the chemicals in most ice lollies. So what is a I came up with a healthy alternative which incorporates the current diet craze of obliterating fruit into a paste - Juice and Smoothie Diets.

Get yourself some Ice lolly moulds, widely available. The set I have used are from Next Homewares and are available for £3.99

Then you can simply make up your usual favourite juice or smoothie recipe and place the mixture in the moulds before freezing to make your own healthy and chemical free lollies. Great relief on a hot day and with the added happiness that you'll be getting one of your five a day and maintaing that clean eating.

I have used Strawberries, Raspberries, Fresh Mint and Organic Honey in the Lollies shown.

Why not try it yourself? Upload your recipes to Instagram and Tag #Millydaydream

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