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Depop - The new Ebay

Move over eBay. New fashion App Depop is the hottest new place  to get your fashion essentials. Depop is the most fun way to buy and sell straight from your pocket. Sell your stuff by simply taking a picture.  Then follow your friends and buy unique things. The company was founded in Italy in November 2011 and has since gone from strength to strength with offices in Shoreditch London and has recently extended the reach of its marketplace by launching on Android.

Sell items faster than ever

• Just take a photo to sell things from your phone
• Share straight to Facebook and Twitter
• Chat to potential buyers and be featured on profiles
• Get paid instantly in Depop through PayPal

Discover the best things before anyone else

• Explore fashion, art, electronics, accessories, vintage, music and more
• Shop for sales, luxury labels or the latest fashion and styles
• Follow, like, search and share the items you love
• Buy securely in Depop through PayPal, credit card or debit card

Visit the App Store now and download to Depop APP to open your own little store in your pocket now.

Start by following Millydaydream on Depop to get an idea of how the App works and feel free to comment with questions. You will also have to opportunity to purchase items featured on the blog!

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