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Eight things to do when you feel Anxious and/or Depressed

Either anxiety is getting worse for everyone recently or people are just getting better at talking about it. I really hope that it's the latter. My own struggles with anxiety are well documented here and so I thought I'd share a few of the things that I have found help when I'm starting to feel overwhelmed and panicked. They all start with one easy step - unplug. Ironic, since I'm typing away at my laptop right now but important all the same. The amount of information we take in on a conscious and unconscious level every day is mammoth. Enough to fill our heads like sand in an egg timer, leaving only a small cramped space for our own thoughts 

Go for a walk 

Again, unplug. Leave your phone at home and go and find a nice green space somewhere quiet and peaceful to expend some of that manic, anxious energy. This is especially important now, during Spring and during any transition of the seasons. The feeling that time is slipping away from me is common feature of my anxiety, often the sense of my own insignificance in the world and the passage of time is overwhelming. If I get stuck in the "In 100 years I'll be dead and everyone I love and know will be dead" headspace then it's game over for days. Being outside as the seasons change and noting these changes for myself helps me to anchor myself and to stay present in the now. I like to walk to somewhere with food  

Bake a cake 

Or cook anything really. Or paint or sculpt or photograph or papier-mâché. Just make something because the point here is that you need to manifest your anxious brain activity into creating something palpable, something you can be proud of. A cake, a piece of art, anything that allows you to channel that terrifying faceless, manic energy that's currently rattling around your head into something real and beautiful

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